Georgia Public School District to Use “Assault” Rifles

In a plan sure to be heralded as the a sign of the Apocalypse by the leftist anti-gun lobby, one Georgia school district is considering a plan to use “assault” style rifles to protect their schools.

No doubt many liberals in the media will use this proposal as more proof that we in the south aren’t playing with a full deck. Of course, I see things as just the opposite. Because the people of the great state of Georgia aren’t hung up on the ridiculous notion that guns cause crime, we are able to more easily understand that guns may actually be the answer to violent spree killings. Schools have long been Gun Free Zones, and it has not stopped them from being targeted by evil and insane murderers. At some point, even liberals must realize that simply designating an area as “gun free” doesn’t mean that criminals will obey.

We may see some “talking heads” on MSNBC literally explode as they try to explain how something like this could happen in America. It’s likely that the media will even look to blame an organization like the NRA for this common sense approach to increasing safety in our schools.

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Fortunately for this Georgia school district, they’ll be able to lay the responsibility for this decision squarely at the feet of the local police. That’s right, the idea for adding “assault” weapons to the list of tools to protect our children, comes from the men and women who work to protect us every single day. “…After the Newtown school shooting, the police department began evaluating local schools and noticed several long corridors and large spaces. The rifle would be able to engage targets from much longer distances than the resource officers’ handguns.”

For you or I, as gun rights enthusiasts this plan doesn’t seem like that big of a stretch. In fact, it seems like the local government is using plain common sense to try to do everything possible to keep our children safe. What is amazing about this story is that it is likely to cause any controversy whatsoever. Our resource officers in our schools are already armed, they have been trained to use various types of firearms, and yet the very mention of the words “assault” rifles in a conversation about school safety is likely to drive liberals over the edge of madness.

Just note the response of one parent near the end of the article. “The parent of a high school freshman, said he feels more comfortable with the idea of a rifle in school after Monday’s meeting.” There is no problem with the school resource officer carrying his handgun as he walks the grounds inside and out of the school building each day… but having a rifle locked in a safe that only the officer can open may be a problem? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me…

gun-freeAt the end of the day, I think that our preconceived notions have become a stumbling block to our ability to practically problem solve some of the most important questions we face as a single society. Politics shouldn’t play a role in deciding how to best protect our kids. For most conservatives, gun free zones are an incredibly absurd attempt at making our schools safer… however, we have allowed it across the country in an attempt to minimize school violence. Guess what? We were right, gun free zones are ridiculous…

The optics involved in the gun control debate have sadly been allowed to make our schools, our churches, our government buildings, and other places where people gather together socially – less safe. Let’s stop playing politics with guns and start thinking about real, common sense, practical solutions… even if it means *GASP* more guns.

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