Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Early Sunday morning, gunmen crept onto a college campus in northeastern Nigeria and murdered about 40 male college students, some of them while they were still asleep in their beds. The bodies were carried from the school to the hospital about 30 miles away. A witness said that he counted 40 bloody bodies stacked on the floor of the hospital in the local capital of Damaturu on Sunday. Most of the deceased were young men who were likely students at the school. The bodies were found in the dorms, classrooms, and in the bushes surrounding the school, a staff member told Reuters. The city of Damaturu is in the northeastern part of Nigeria, about 130 miles from the nation’s border with Cameroon and Niger.

As you can likely imagine, there is no “good” reason for the vicious slaughter of these innocent boys. I’m also sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the culprits are a group called Boko Haram, an Islamist militant organization with close ties to other terrorist groups, like Al-Qaeda. Boko Haram’s main goal in Nigeria (besides death, destruction, murder and plunder) is to establish an Islamic theocratic state in northern Nigeria. They’ve recently intensified their attacks on innocent civilians because the Nigerian military has been beating them on the battlefield. It’s believed that they have focused on schools because they think the schools are where Western-style education and culture is being cultivated.

One witness said, “They came with guns around 1 a.m. (2400 GMT) and went directly to the male hostel and opened fire on them … The college is in the bush so the other students were running around helplessly as guns went off and some of them were shot down.”

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Another witness who was on campus explained how the terrorists went about their deadly business. “They started gathering students into groups outside, then they opened fire and killed one group and then moved onto the next group and killed them. It was so terrible.”

Boko-Haram-ViolenceThe attack on this college continues the spate of mass murders conducted in the name of Islam over the last week or so. Just last weekend, al-Shabaab terrorists from Somalia killed 67 people in the mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya. Last Sunday, two murderous “homicide” bombers[1] with the Pakistani Taliban, killed 78 innocent men, women and children attending Sunday worship services. Now, Boko Haram, an ally of al-Qaeda, has murdered 40 more innocents. For being a “religion of peace,” Islam sure has had a violent week.

The media needs to end this charade of Islam as a generally peaceful religion. There are far too many “fringe” groups for their groups to be considered “fringe.” There must be a recognition that the mainstream of Islam in the world today is not the mild, liberal version of Islam we so often see in the United States. Things are becoming radicalized even here – reports are that several of the terrorists in the attack in Kenya were Americans.

If we want to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, we must speak in plain language. Political correctness is our enemy obscuring the true goals and battle lines of this fight. No, not every Muslim is our enemy… but every Muslim who holds to a radicalized militant view of Islam is, and there are many more of them than we realize.

  1. I have always preferred this Fox News term for suicide bombers… but it’s hard to remember to use it! []

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