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5 Things Churches Should do to Protect themselves from new Gay Marriage Laws

Churches have always had a say in who they would marry. Many churches won’t marry non-members or allow non-members to use their facilities. Churches often require a series of counseling sessions.

Pastors often question prospective married couples about church membership, lifestyle choices, whether they are marrying within the Christian faith, are they presently “living in sin,” and a whole list of other requirements.

The majority of churches that perform marriages are not light a chapel in Las Vegas

If states require that churches marry same-sex couples, they will be discriminating against a church’s jurisdictional ecclesiastical oversight as a church, thus, violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and most likely a state’s own Constitution.

The following is written by Joseph Mattera to help churches put into place further safeguards against homosexuals who will test churches on the same-sex marriage issue and then make a legal issue of a refusal.

In the final analysis, churches are going to have to make the important decision on whether they will obey God or men…


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