2016 Post-Election: Trump’s Mechanics, Fake News, & Blaming the Russians


“Things are seldom what they seem, 
Skim milk masquerades as cream;
Highlows* pass as patent leathers**;
Jackdaws*** strut in peacock’s feathers.” 
—Gilbert & Sullivan, HMS Pinafore
*Lace-up boots with low heels
**Leather shoes with a glossy finish
***Small, gray-crowned crows
Trump’s Cabinet Picks: A Method to His Madness

So, why is Donald Trump considering people such as Mitt Romney and Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State?  The answer would seem to be that what Trump wants—first and foremost—in a Secretary of State is someone with business experience who will know how to cut good deals for America.  We must not forget that it will be Trump who sets the policies his cabinet will be carrying out.  There is also talk of having John Bolton serve as Deputy Secretary, since Bolton has extensive experience in getting the bureaucracy to function the way it must—in spite of itself—if Trump’s goals are to be met in a timely manner.

And what about Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary?  Has he not been one to use visa programs to great advantage, in order to obtain cheap foreign labor?  The simple answer to that narrow question is yes.  But the negative potential of his experience, which can help Trump, is the fact that Puzder knows the ins and outs of how to change, disable, or dismantle the system (just as Obama’s knowledge of Constitutional law served him well in figuring out the best approaches at crippling the US Constitution).

Why is Betsy DeVos well-suited to head the Education Department?  Did she not quietly support the Common Core, or, at a bare minimum, fail to vigorously oppose it?  Trump has hired DeVos, because she strongly supports school choice and knows how to implement that agenda.  And, again, Trump ran on getting rid of Common Core, so whether it stays or goes will not be DeVos’s call, although she has issued a statement of opposition to Common Core, in order to quiet any concerns.

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For border security and protecting the homeland, as head of the Department of Homeland Security, Trump wants Marine General John Kelly, a security-minded leader.  Another ex-Marine general just nominated by Trump is James “Mad Dog” Mattis to head up the Defense Department.  Mattis is one of the most well-read generals in or out of the US military, and he hates to give up American lives out of ignorance of how the enemy is likely to act.

In short, Trump is nominating “mechanics” who are capable, in practical terms, of implementing the kinds of policies he wants implemented.  It is also interesting to note that Trump is choosing to nominate more women to his cabinet than any prior president.  With Trump, there seems to be a decided bias towards actually finding the best qualified candidates for accomplishing the people’s will, regardless of whether they be public-sector or private-sector, men or women, Republican or Democrat (General Michael Flynn, for example, is, or was, a Democrat).  By breaking with age-old establishment tradition of selecting primarily people with political experience, more women immediately become eligible to these offices.

Fake News

The ultra-leftwing Democrat Party has been unmasked as the purveyor of fake news, from presidential polling right on down the line to orchestrating false accusations by questionable women against Donald Trump.  Rather than spend too much energy denying their fakery, CNN, NBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post (among legions of others) have decided to try leveling the playing field with right-wing media outlets by accusing right-wingers of doing the same thing. After all, did not Hillary Clinton herself once declare the existence of a “vast right-wing conspiracy?”  Of course, during the presidential campaign, many people became aware that the nation’s traditional web sites for vetting the truth or falsity of information—such as Snopes—turned out to be working, with guile, for the Democrat Party.

There have been some instances of fake news which have had a decidedly right-wing slant, but none of them are recognized on the right as being credible outlets, such as Breitbart, CNS News, or Eagle Rising.  However, due to efforts by George Soros to have credible conservative outlets flagged as fake news to discredit them, Facebook has now announced that they will utilize the services of Leftist partisans, such as Snopes and Politifact, in order to decide who is offering fake news and who is not.

Most of the fake news coming from the Left is pure fear-mongering, such as Michelle Goldberg’s accusing Trump of intending to turn the US into a “racist police state.”  Even less-important issues get relabeled, such as Trump’s thank-you tour, which he is using to show his appreciation to voters; the Left has renamed it a victory tour, a term never used by Trump himself and which defeats his purpose of expressing gratitude.  Since Leftists do not tend to check things out for themselves, they just believe the hype and quake in fear.  (Leftists do not read the Koran, so they do not know that Islam is a religion based on bigotry, violence, and murder; Leftists do not read Breitbart, CNS News, or Eagle Rising, so they do not discover that these media outlets offer common-sense, fact-based news; and they refuse to even read the US Constitution for themselves, so they do not know that there is no mention of race or gender in it or that the 3/5 Clause—also called the Anti-Slavery Clause—exists to reward states with greater representation for freeing their slaves.)

Russian Conspiracies

President Obama has recently directed his partisans in the CIA to announce that the Russians tried to influence the presidential election.  Of course, there is no proof being offered.  Trump has chimed in, of course, to say he does not believe this charge for an instant, and Reince Priebus has backed Trump up on this.  Of course, John McCain and Lindsay Graham both back Obama, being the Progressives-in-Conservative-clothing that they are.

All of this pseudo-conspiracy theory, with regard to the Russians, will end up going nowhere, except down the road of attempting to delegitimize Trump’s electoral landslide!  This Russian-hacking story is the new drum for the Democrat media to beat, now that the Hillary Clinton recount (being dishonestly perpetrated by Jill Stein as her shill) has played out.  The Democrats cannot unite the American people, so they opt instead to divide the people into two Americas, hoping, in the process, to end up with the bigger half by the next election.  But the Democrats have spent so much time during the Obama years trying to convince Americans not to listen to “conspiracy-theorists” like Alex Jones—a citizen journalist who exposes globalist intentions—that their claim of a vast Russian, anti-Hillary conspiracy sounds totally disingenuous.

The other problem with blaming the Russians for the Hillary-damaging Wikileaks is this: Julian Assange has told Sean Hannity that the leaks were not hacks by the Russians.  And it is also true that Hillary voters did not pay any heed to the Wikileaks anyway, since they did not wish to read anything negative about Hillary in the first place, and the Democrat media shielded her, in the second.

Things Are Seldom What They Seem

In the end, things are generally not what they appear.  The difference between media outlets on the Left and Right is this: the Left hides the truth to conceal its own motives and to misrepresent the motives of those whom they despise, while the Right seeks to analyze and expose reality to promote genuine understanding.  Thus, when a mosque burns in Houston, Texas, the Left blames Trump and his followers for the fire, before any facts are known, while, on the Right, journalists who wait for facts to emerge are able to report that, in reality, a Muslim setting fire to his own mosque was to blame.  So the game is different for Left and Right: on the Left, they feel and conceal; but on the Right, they think and reveal.

It is written, in Proverbs 29:2, that “[w]hen the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan.”  Hopefully, as the presidency transitions from Obama’s culture of secrecy to Trump’s ethic of transparency, the people will once again find cause to rejoice and may cease their mourning of the duplicity and erosion of freedom which has become a hallmark of Leftist governance under Barack Obama.

What the Left is discovering is that they have cried “Wolf!” so often in the past—even claiming right up until Election Day, November 8th, that Clinton’s lead was insurmountable for Trump—that their media outlets have now lost all credibility with the majority of Americans.  As a result, the claims of Leftist media increasingly fall on deaf ears.

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