2016 is more Than An Election

After the tea party’s election successes of 2010, 2012, and 2014, and with little to show for it, the people appreciate a straight talking citizen to lead our country.  And what better choice than one who is above the fray?

This is not so much a pro Trump dissertation as it is a notice.  The twentieth century can be aptly described as the time when trust became a crippling public agent when ignoring our leave from excellence.  Still, it was a transforming century of innovations, successes and victories; but which also included a shocking assassination, followed by years of domestic turmoil.

Walking away from 58,000 American lives was an indictable footnote as our American system of faith and trust continued its slide; and with the elected leadership forging our way.  So while Obama’s policies have increasingly become undressed for the anti-Americanism which they promote, and while he is the most questionable POTUS ever, he both represents and is responsible for a more drastic version of America’s downward spiral.

Our Founders properly designated, that its “we the people” who will decide and share the ultimate responsibility of our Country’s fate.  What we elect, and by the term “what” I mean the quality of those chosen to lead and represent, will always reflect back upon the nature of our society.  So, the most critical element to proper governing is the pre-campaign selection process.  Since this has been manned by both corrupt political parties, the public’s input is non-existent.

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foundersTwo supportive players combine to strengthen this tight political noose.  One operates within the halls of academia at all levels, while the other informs older Americans at a daily clip.  One source molds our young while the other tempers the curiosity of those that should know better.

At a much slower pace, various foreign and un-American imprints have become ingratiated within our public school curriculums.  Most noticeable is this recent import of Islamic studies.  This insult is unconscionable since prayer and the Bible were long ago deemed an illegal component of the school day.  Why is the religion of Islam not similarly outlawed?  This challenge against traditional America has been introduced through the politically correct mask of  “diversity.”

This grab bag of diversity has become a prominent theme in all spectrums of our American living.  Consider that more emphasis is given to foreign holidays than to our Day of Independence.  The former holidays of Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays have been coalesced into an indistinguishable President’s Day.  Instructions in Spanish are now prevalent to the point of annoyance.  Our society has become so flexible and tolerant that authority has become intimidated to the point that the unthinkable is now supposedly the norm.

I know, each seems to be trivial but taken together, mixed into this general un-American “diversity” binge, it threatens the total loss of our identity, our history and our heritage.  Combine this with our complacent border policies.  Are we to believe that maintaining our national security is not that important?  When did this humanitarian excuse for illegals seeking a better life become that over riding? And, how is this justified when such a life begins with a criminal act and then demands living in the shadows?

This diversity craze does not equate with assimilating into America’s “melting pot.”  Its abhorrent recognition is in direct opposition to what America has represented since her founding.

No, this election is more than selecting a new President.  This is about safeguarding and protecting for future generations what we as older citizens have enjoyed and defended.  And this is not in any way trivial.  We are in the midst of an ongoing revolution.  While not easy to consider, this is what our inattention has brought to us.  Our apathy has engineered a danger inside our homeland and as such, we are now facing quite a different threat.

How did our patriotism dissipate so quickly after 9/11?  Think about that.  We watched as our fellow Americans leap to their deaths and yet we are careful not to upset these Muslim transients?  Now, these ingrates demand certain foods in our markets and Sharia law is being introduced.

TrumpWe have been disjointed from the reality and pride of being an American.  Whether young or old, secular schooling molds while the arms of the PC media influences many.  As much as we resist this cause and effect, it makes sense when realizing that such quick ideological transformations require huge spheres of similar influence.

This mental detour has been quite effective. Just recently, a perfect example will provide the embarrassing proof to our gullibility and of the impressive sway from the media’s reinventing of the facts to fit their agenda.

We have all listened and read about Boehner’s leaving and McCarthy’s subsequent foot in his remark.  Well, how come the print media has filtered the facts into another set of circumstances?  Instead of McCarthy’s departure being attributable to his Benghazi gaffe, it is now theorized that his departure came about from that “hell no” block of “radical” republicans, simply because he was Boehner’s number two man and in lockstep with his policies.

Not to offend but we need to read between the propaganda lines.  Removing even the slightest hint of Benghazi serves the Clinton campaign.  But more importantly, how does the average American read such renditions and not see through the deception?  Apparently the establishment has put forth this spin fully expecting the public’s go along.  And why not, this has been its  favorite tactic for decades!  This is incredible when a false rendering erases the reality of what was previous heard and seen.

All this brings us back to the election and why Mr. Trump should prevail.  One consideration is that he is unmoved by any of the media’s aspersions or trickeries.  Most importantly, he cannot be bought.  And yes, he’s rough but isn’t life at times?

Also, along with that rough exterior is the fact that he speaks his mind.  Sometimes a little gruff but his honesty at conveying his beliefs have hit a nerve with many voters.  And it is this quality to which the politician is at odds, for he will usually value career over integrity.

Elections normally are comprised with politicians, and politicians do what they do best; they promise; then in office, they disappoint.

Yes, this election will be different and already the weasels are scurrying while the public is being energized.  And that energy is coming from the rare sound of truth; what needs to be addressed rather than what needs to be promised.  In this go around, Trump’s honesty is not only a welcomed addition but it appears to offer an appeal that may well carry the day.

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