2015: The MOST Violent Year for Christians in Modern History


Over the last year we’ve been documenting many different occasions of Christian persecution throughout the world. We’ve noted that various agencies and studies were seeing a disturbing trend (particularly in the Muslim world) of increasing violence and oppression against the Christian faith. However, it was difficult to understand the full scope of what was taking place in 2015 until Open Doors USA released its latest report.

The Open Doors world survey found that more than 7,100 Christians were martyred for their faith in 2015, a strikingly high number that is unprecedented in recent history. Sadly, persecution of Christians saw a major spike on every inhabited continent in 2015.

The President of Open Doors, David Curry, made the stunning announcement at the National Press Club on Wednesday as he introduced the group’s latest list of nation’s who persecute Christians. North Korea ranks 1st on the list, but the rest of the top 11 nations are majority Muslim countries…

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According to the report, however, much of the persecution faced by Christians occurs in predominantly Muslim nations, many of which are “failed states” that fail to protect any of their citizens’ religious liberty…

Curry said that while “Islamic extremism is one of the driving forces” of Christian persecution, “peace-loving Muslims can make an impact on that part of their culture.”

ISIS and other extremist groups are spreading, the report highlights, not just in the Middle East but around the world. Curry said he hoped the list would bring attention to the plight of Christians across the globe as they face a “total lack of religious freedom,” forced migration and even genocide.

We must speak out louder and push harder in demanding that our representatives exert our government’s influence on these nations that persecute our fellow Christians. Several of our allies, nations into whom we pour billions of dollars of aid, are on this list! There is no reason that we should send even one dollar more to any nation that willfully persecutes Christians. Not one dollar more.

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