Gay Activist Told to Apologize and Retract Statements of Libel and Slander Against Michigan Churches

Following the God and Country event in Jenison, Michigan, in which sodomites, professed churches and city officials all joined hands in protesting, there is now a Christians deal GayMast further explained the difference in real love and the lies that VanderLey was advancing.

“The churches believe in love and truth, as set forth in the Gospel: Jesus Christ died to save sinful human beings from their sin which separates them from God. Sin includes all forms of immorality and sexual sin, including adultery, fornication, and homosexual practice. The Gospel, when received and believed through faith, breaks the bondage of sin, and changes all sinners into new creatures, who are clean in God’s sight. Your wrongful behavior has falsely portrayed the message of the churches.”

He then cited the case of Duran v. Detroit News, Inc (1993) as evidence of VanderLey’s violation of the law of Michigan:

“In order to maintain an action for false-light invasion of privacy, a plaintiff must show that the defendant broadcast to the public in general, or to a large number of people, information that was unreasonable and highly objectionable by attributing to the plaintiff characteristics, conduct, or beliefs that were false and placed the plaintiff in a false position.”

Additionally, Mast pointed out that Early Detection Ctr., PC v. New York Life Ins. Co also specified that the defendant “must have had knowledge or acted in reckless disregard to the falsity of the publicized matter and the false light in which [the plaintiff] would be placed.”

“Your conduct easily meets all elements of this and other torts,” wrote Mast.

Mast has given VanderLey till the end of June to provide a public apology to the churches and a “written retraction utilizing all forms of media in which the unauthorized appropriation was made” naming the churches and seeking their forgiveness. If this is not done, Liberty Counsel will begin to take action against VanderLey under Michigan laws.

My hope is that Mr. Vanderley repents not only of his crimes which Mast cited but also his crimes of sodomy. That too is not just against the law of God, but also against current Michigan laws. May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ grant him such repentance.

Read Mast’s and VanderLey’s letters and see pictures of the protest signs here.
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