2 Daily Wire Stories Show How Progressives Abuse Science

Liberals claim to “love science,” but when you look at their dogma, it is clear they only abuse science.

Two headlines yesterday at the Daily Wire are a case study in how Leftists abuse science:

The first story centers on a TV skit that was so stupid and full of cringe I can’t believe they went through with it. Liberals can’t even mock anymore:

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Comparing a completely debatable claim based on boatloads of obscure data to gravity is question-begging and stupid. It presupposes that we must give people who want to tax us into oblivion for reasons we can’t detect for ourselves the same credibility we give our own experience.

And the second both defies science and everyone’s experience for wishful thinking:

Speaking to Newshub on Friday, decorated weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who “transitioned” to female four years ago, said there’s no “fundamental” difference between a biological male and his female competitors, and to suggest otherwise would be “disrespectful” to the women Hubbard defeats in said competitions.

“But some of her rivals’ coaching staff have publicly questioned whether she has an unfair psychological advantage, having previously lifted heavier weights as a man,” reported Newshub.

Hubbard replied, “Look, I’ve heard that and I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to the other competitors.”

“I don’t believe there is any fundamental difference between me and the other athletes, and to suggest there is is slightly demeaning to them,” Hubbard added.

But not as demeaning as pretending to be one of them and defeating them with one’s natural advantages. Hubbard was a weightlifter before he “transitioned.” It is doubtful any hormones he’s been taking have erased his previous training to a female level.

Read the full stories here and here.

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