In New York Bratton Blames Stop & Frisk for Crime

Bratton Blames Stop & Frisk for Crime


Is William Bratton out of his mind or simply stupid?  He blames Stop & Frisk for so many African- Americans having spent time in jail and being ineligible for being cops.


Gee, Stop and Frisk is not a crime.  It is a tool to detect crimes. It is a means to determine if a potential criminal is carrying a gun. It is not the reason that he is weaponized.


How does Bratton blame Stop& Frisk for telling the truth about minority crime?  Doesn’t he realize that without Stop & Frisk, gun-totting  criminals evade arrest and are still eligible to become cops.    


Without Stop & Frisk we are closing our eyes to the reality of potential crimes which could be ascertained by frisking.


I am sick of criminals crying about their punishments.  I went to jail for two years and never cried a tear.  I am not black. The correction officers ignored me as much as they ignored my black brothers.  But my black brothers complained about prejudice because it was something they learned from their spoiled hoods. 


Prejudice does not exist in a federal joint. Federal officers didn’t even recognize us as human beings.  Race distinctions in a federal joint are a joke. We were all ignored.


I don’t want to be a cop.  Even though I am a big fan of the police and their attempts to stop chaos in a society of liberal rioters.


When I was young I was stopped and frisked in the suburbs.  I was a good, nerdy Jewish kid. Did I try to march down the streets of  suburban East Meadow in protest to my  being frisked? I wasn’t into effeminate, spoiled, entitled behavior.


Bratton used to be a good man under Giuliani.  He has become De Blassio’s blowfish.  He swells his cheeks and just blows out the mayor’s placebos.  He is his mouthpiece. Like Obama he swallows a teleprompter.  Progressivism is his grill.  He bites the air with stupidity.


It is nauseating to see a former, upstanding man like Bratton become De Blassio’s drag queen.  Let him grow a set like the ones he gave up to keep his job. 

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