Obamacare – In Your House!

I have some great news for those of you with the gift of hospitality. Now that the Republican leadership has punted on defunding Obamacare and it seems quite likely that socialized healthcare Obama style will be the law of the land… you’ll be getting some at home visits from your local chapter of friends of Obama. The Health and Human Services Department (HHS), run by Kathleen Sebelius, is providing grants to state and local organizations who want to build on their “modest” home visitation programs. HHS offered up to $12 million for qualifying groups throughout the nation to help strengthen the infrastructure of the coming Obamacare program.  The grant was written for groups to use in fiscal year 2012, and it is yet to be seen if HHS will be renewing this grant, or similar grants, from year to year.

What would organizations who “qualified” for this money need to be spending their time doing? That’s where things get a bit creepy, in the Big Brother sense. The groups who could qualify to receive these grants had to be focused in areas that supported the national healthcare initiative. The way qualifying groups needed to be helping? “The funding provided will build on the formula funding already provided to States and territories to support the quality implementation of home visiting programs.”

The implementation of home visiting programs. The government was offering millions of dollars to improve their ability to get around to the homes of anyone involved in Obamacare. Which soon may very well be all of us. Why would you need to be visited by the “friends of Obama?” The grant doesn’t spell out reasons why, but it does mention who should be expecting visits from your friendly neighborhood creeps.

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“… Successful applicants will give priority to providing services to the following populations:

a) Eligible families who reside in communities in need of such services, as identified in the statewide needs assessment required under subsection

(b)(1)(A). b) Low-income eligible families.

c) Eligible families who are pregnant women who have not attained age 21.

d) Eligible families that have a history of child abuse or neglect or have had interactions with child welfare services.

e) Eligible families that have a history of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment.

f) Eligible families that have users of tobacco products in the home.

g) Eligible families that are or have children with low student achievement.

h) Eligible families with children with developmental delays or disabilities.

i) Eligible families who, or that include individuals who, are serving or formerly served in the Armed Forces, including such families that have members of the Armed Forces who have had multiple deployments outside of the United States.”

By using the wording “eligible families,” the grant seems to be suggesting anyone partaking in the Obamacare system. Again, very soon… likely all of us.

There are enough conditions listed to include most American families. Once Obamacare goes into full-effect and enough home inspection teams are available, you should expect a knock on your door. Obamacare enforcement agents will be making sure you don’t use tobacco, and that your children are being raised in a manner that the government finds suitable. Are you ready for that?

The groups who received grant money also had to make sure that they were addressing one or more of the concerns HHS has with the future of “home visiting” through Obamacare. If a group wanted grant money they had to show how they would accomplish one or more of the following things:

“Emphasis 1: Improvements in maternal, child, and family health

Emphasis 2: Effective implementation and expansion of evidence-based home visiting programs or systems with fidelity to the evidence-based model selected

Emphasis 3: Development of statewide or multi-State home visiting programs

Emphasis 4: Development of comprehensive early childhood systems that span the prenatal-through-age-eight continuum

Emphasis 5: Outreach to high-risk and hard-to-engage populations

Emphasis 6: Development of a family-centered approach to home visiting

Emphasis 7: Outreach to families in rural or frontier areas

Emphasis 8: The development of fiscal leveraging strategies to enhance program sustainability”

ObamacareHomevisitsAre you starting to understand just how involved HHS and the Obama administration are hoping to be in your lives? Look at Emphasis 2 and 4, for example. In emphasis 2, they want to make sure their program gets into the homes of Obamacare users, and gets off the ground successfully, but they also want to ensure that they can expand the system in the likely hope that every Obamacare user receive “home visits.” In emphasis 4, the government wants to develop a system where they can monitor your children and gauge their development from before birth through age eight.

Let’s ask the scary question. Why are they monitoring Obamacare users? Will something happen if certain goals are not met, or certain observations made? The government is not simply watching us to watch us, are they? Ostensibly, they will be “monitoring” us for some purpose, right?

What is the purpose?

Will we be fined for not meeting certain Obamacare expectations?

Will our children be taken from us if the government doesn’t like the way they are developing under our care?

What is the purpose of these home visits? You may want to know this, because in all likelihood, someone will be knocking on your door in the not-too-distant future.


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