Lindsey Graham is Single – Can He Still Be Elected President?

Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has a shot at becoming the first bachelor elected president in 130 years. And he is apparently taking that distinction in his stride, telling The Daily Mail “I’ve got a lot of friends. We will have a rotating first lady.” He took the comment one step further and offered his sister Darline Graham Nordone as first lady. Nordone, who is married, played a key role in Graham’s 2016 presidential bid announcement. His colleague Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) kept the conversation going when he spewed the limerick “Graham is bro with no ho” on a hot mike.

The public’s fascination with Lindsey Graham’s marital status is similar to their obsession with Hillary Clinton’s hairstyles and pantsuits. Who cares if he is married? Why is this even an issue? Although at 1% Graham is polling at the bottom of the 2016 GOP presidential pack, he doesn’t think his marital status should hurt his campaign. “I’ve got a wonderful supportive family. And the last time I checked, I didn’t see a sign on the White House that said single people should not apply.” Only two U.S. presidents James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland assumed office single, with Cleveland later marrying while in office. Graham’s comments raise a good point. After all, we are now living in a society which celebrates a 65 year old Olympic gold winner physically mutilating himself to go from Bruce the retired champion, to Caitlyn, the airbrushed Vanity Fair image.   This society also applauds the demonization of a bakery which refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. Yet, we are perfectly okay with questioning the viability of a bachelor in the White House.

So, what is Lindsey Graham supposed to do? Find a wife on E-Harmony so that the American public is more comfortable with him as presidential material? Furthermore, if the role of the first spouse is to support the president in his official capacity, there should be no issue with his sister playing that role as needed. Graham’s close relationship with his sister can be attributed in part to his serving as her guardian when their parents died within fifteen months of each other. Do we need a first spouse? Or is the role just another piece of White House history that we are comfortable with? Some first ladies really had impact on society with their social causes such as Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Laura Bush. Jacqueline Kennedy made her mark on White House with her iconic style, sense of diplomacy and fluency in multiple languages. But then again in recent years, some of the first ladies have been distractions to the presidency. Can anyone say the name Hillary Clinton? Michelle Obama is also no shrinking violet. Imagine if Lindsey Graham was a female candidate without a spouse (the name is unisex). Can you imagine the double standard? The liberal media would be referring to this fictional candidate as “a tease without a main squeeze”.

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When did being a heterosexual single become a social aberration? Maybe Lindsey Graham just hasn’t met the right woman. He claims to have come close to marriage once. In an interview with Politico, Graham said that he is not “defective” for being single. “There are millions of people who are single. I don’t think they need to answer, ‘Why are you single?’” Graham said, “What they need to be able to prove is, ‘Can you do the job?’ … Again, I don’t think there’s anything disqualifying about being single. But that will be up to the American people.” Words to live by from a man who clearly knows who he is.


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