Can Muslims Confront Muslim Evil And Remain Muslim?

With the most recent massacre of innocent lives by Muslim terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya, and the terrorist killings of about 80 Christians at a church in Pakistan, many people and pundits are calling on Muslims and Muslim leaders to condemn their brothers in an attempt to bring the Islamic terror, if not to an end, perhaps they can at least slow it down or give it a time out.  But is that really possible?

Is it possible to reason with those who terrorize and murder? Is it possible to use logic and reason on those who train and plot and murder innocent men, women and children, and then leap in the streets with the joy and enthusiasm of having had your team win the championship?  Is it possible to reason with those who not only murder, but do it in the name of Muhammad, in the name of Allah, in the name of justice? And not only is that, but all the more frightening, they do so based upon the teachings of their holy books, their religious foundation?

The terrorizing Islamists are not the aberration — when you read and understand the Qur’an, the peaceful Muslims are the aberration. To call upon the peaceful Muslims, to call out those living up to the standards of their religion, are heretics — not heroes — not enlightened brethren with wise words of advice. By calling out the terrorizers, they are putting their lives in jeopardy, perhaps just as much as a non-believer, possibly even greater danger, with a Jihad bounty on their head.

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In the West we have far too many in government and academia and media and journalism who still believe that Islam is simply one of the great religions of the world. That it is truly peaceful. That, except for those radicalized Jihadists who terrorize and kill innocent people all over the planet, it would be like any other virtue based system.

At what point will the ignorant, blinded by political correctness and fear, if not foolishness, begin to realize that the terror threat to the world is neither in response to the West’s values or to wars in which the West is a part. The West is fighting on behalf of Muslims and has been doing so for decades. From the battles in Bosnia and Croatia in the 1980’s, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan to even Syria today. The terror threat is wholly and completely due to the marching orders of Islam found in the Qur’an. The radical Imam’s are not the ones calling for death to the West; the racial Imam’s are the ones in the West who are silent — letting the word of Islam play itself out on an ignorant and confused world.

QuranThroughout history, the religious have persecuted others, often other religions. Jews persecuted Christians and Catholics persecuted non-Christians. Persecution is nothing new. History is replete with one group persecuting or enslaving or at least treated badly others not like them. The issue here isn’t that one group has done another group wrong. The issue is, upon what foundation is their reasoning for doing so? When many claim “every culture has done it, and every culture has been the victim of it, so what is so different now?” explains much as to why the world is so confused about global terror. The masses think we simply need to find a solution, a peace treaty, again. Yet, the real problem is that the world isn’t recognizing the crux of the issue, and that is this: Jews didn’t persecute Christians in the name of Judaism, Catholics didn’t persecute in the name of Catholicism, Christians didn’t persecute in the name of Christianity, but Muslims do terrorize in the name of Islam.

An even greater distinction needs to be made. Judaism condemns murder, all murder. Judaism condemns murder by Jews. Christianity condemns murder, all murder. Christianity condemns murder by Christians. Neither Jew nor Christian can murder in the name of his/her religion. As a matter of fact, both the Torah and the New Testament unequivocally condemn murder. Not the Qur’an. Not the example of the life of Muhammad. Far from condemning murder, far from condemning lying, far from condemning conquest, the Qur’an gives license to the Muslim to do all three — in the name of Allah. No wonder Islam means “submission” — and is so often wrongly interpreted to mean peace. It can only mean peace when all are under the totalitarian grip of political Islam, where there is no more war or subjugation and no more need of murder and conversion by the sword and conquest and religious empire building required by the true and devout Muslims. And thus with the world in slavery, Islam will have achieved peace and rest for its warriors and its followers.

The only way to defeat global terror is to defeat Islam — for Islam is global terror. 270 million killed so far. Over 21,000 acts of terror since 9-11, and yet many Americans still have their heads in the sand and ignorantly call on those inside the “religion of death” to end what in fact the religion is fundamentally all about.

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David Whitley

David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus or online at He's available for speaking engagements upon request.

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