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Bruce Jenner NEEDS to be #1 Again

In a previous article I wrote, “Bottom line, Bruce Jenner learned from being on the Kardashian reality show that if you want to make money, you need to be a woman and do something outlandish. This was the way for Jenner to cash in.”

Here’s what I think happened to Bruce Jenner. In 1976 he was at the top of the world after winning a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic Games. He got his picture on a Wheaties box, made a lot of money, but lost a bit of self-authentication. He was emasculated on reality TV for the whole world to see.

Read more: “Photoshopped Bruce Jenner is Being Used to Force us to Submit to the Perverse.”

After a few failed marriages, he ended up marrying into the Kardashian family that turned dysfunction, vanity, and narcissism into a gold mine. The Kardashian girls are worth millions based on their bodies and outlandish lifestyles.

For a world class athlete – the best in the world for a time – this was a huge personal insult considering that real talent was not being recognized but body morphology was…


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