“Did We Thank World War II Veterans?”

“Did We Thank World War II Veterans?”



Memorial Day has come and gone.

Yet, an important military date is looming.

This month, June 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.

The boys who stormed the beaches of France are still dead.

Those who survived did their duty and saved the Western World.

Did we thank them …did the French, English and other Europeans thank them? The best way to do that is to keep American alive as founded. Today there’s real danger for the country.

That WW II generation was tempered by hardship – growing up in the Depression, being drafted to go to war, coming home to the dislocation of crowding, finding jobs, a place to live and building a life. Plenty of those soldiers married their sweethearts and lived with other siblings in their parent’s home until they got on their feet. They did not whine, neither privately or publicly.

Still, there was never a whimper of complaint. These brave Americans did not indulge in what has become the American pastime of public, often loud personal complaining, often against America for perceived faults.

Today, too often people demand everything be given to them instantly. Mexicans break into the US and are installed in college for their “American Dream.”

Taking the classroom seat and resources belonging to American citizens who funded the universities.

Taking college and other goods and services by illegals is “theft of services.” Stealing from the progeny of the WW II soldiers whose families worked and struggled for decades to gather some measure of security.

That’s right: The Ellis Island legal immigrants took their turn being poor. They worked hard for little money, got nothing from taxpayers, their children worked in factories, and they loved America and were grateful to be here. It took some of them a century to acquire what they have. And the criminals/illegals break in and take it instantly.

They demand they be given whatever they want…it’s called “social justice”…to take from those who worked and saved. If they don’t get what they want they scream “white privilege.”…again, Americans who work and have saved to help their families did it the hard way – without government money. That’s not “white privilege,” that’s integrity. Another concept apparently unknown to many.

Today, hundreds of billions are poured form taxpayer pockets into criminals/illegals and others’ pockets. And there’s no gratitude. The media produces endless propaganda helping criminals/illegals steal from citizens. The Michael Brown story shows how organized and well-funded the marxists/leftists are. Brown attacked police officer Darren Wilson, after robbing a nearby store. “Hands up” was a lie the media turned into a political slogan.

ww2 veterans 2Michelle Obama’s speech on Memorial Day complained about America, a favorite topic of her. She famously stated publicly, in regard to her husband’s running for president, “It’s the first time in my life I’m proud of America.” What?

This from a woman who is living large on the taxpayer’s dime…and at the time of her “proud” declaration had been given a $300,000 job in “community relations” for a hospital.

Apparently she is unaware of the sacrifices of Americans in World War I and II, which saved the Western World – twice and could think of nothing appropriate to say on Memorial Day to honor those Americans.

Young boys went into the army to fight for their country. They bravely faced the German cannons on Normandy Beach to save Europe and the world.  Fathers who were drafted at advanced ages were leaving wives and little children to whom they wrote loving letters. They didn’t write complaining letters to the newspapers or come home to protest and riot for jobs and houses.

Loving God, family and country was in their bones…they knew their duty and did it. Nothing tainted their dedication to the America which provided opportunity to their ancestors. They were respectful and had gratitude. The did their duty.

It has to be asked…what does Michelle Obama believe is her duty?

And what about the rioters in Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities run by Democrats …what do they believe is their duty? Apparently it is a foreign concept.

Chicago’s murder rate has escalated as Obama and his previous attorney general fixed a policy of attacking law enforcement, not those abridging the law in violent ways.

It seems the concept of duty to country is unheard of to many. They only know “getting” – not giving.  Perhaps they do not even know the meaning of the word.

Every year on the anniversary of the atomic bombs dropping on Japan some ignorant journalist would harass the heroic pilot, Paul Tibbets, who flew the Enola Gay (named for his mother) plane, which dropped the bomb. Repeatedly he was asked if he’d do it again, implying it was a terrible thing to do. His answer was always the same…”Yes. ” He’d do it again because it was the right thing to do, saving millions of lives. Including the father of the little girls mentioned above who was on his way to take part in the invasion of Japan.

Today, the marxists/leftists/others advance the erroneous notion that America is other than the great nation is has been. Educational text books are now filled with rewritten history blaming, not praising, America.

There are numerous grievance college courses focusing on bashing America…whining how some group didn’t get what they think they should. There’s women’s studies, black studies, latino studies and God knows how many more. But there are precious few American history civics courses teaching patriotism, the Constitution and how young boys saved the Western World 70 years ago.

American citizens own the public schools.

The anti-American teachers and administration work for the taxpayers.

Citizens/taxpayers should demand education that faithfully honors America and the sacrifices of all its veterans and citizens.

Perhaps then it would never be possible for some student government leaders, such as those at University of California, Irvine, to ban the American flag from school premises because it offended illegals – who were getting a free education!.

Because these students apparently never learned to love and respect America, the flag held no honor or meaning for them. Dozens of teachers supported their act of gross disrespect. The chancellor brushed off the thousands of irate complaints as the work of the “internet rage machine.”

Even though World War II veterans saved the world 70 years ago…and America actually saved the world twice in the last century, take a look at what’s happened since 1945.

America elected a man as president who was a draft-dodger, then lied to a federal judge, (about his notorious affair with a young White House intern), was impeached and disbarred, and still became a multimillionaire.

Then America later elected a man who demonstrates little love or loyalty to American ideals or understanding of America’s place in the world. His wife’s speeches are laced with anger against America on Memorial Day!

Now there is wide pressure from the marxists/leftists to elect a woman as president who has accomplished nothing of valor and besmirched the nation with lies and failures. She and her husband have amassed a fortune of $150 million from speeches and questionable donations to their foundation.

The Founding Fathers didn’t envision service to the nation as a wealth-building enterprise.

And the boys who stormed the French beaches are still dead.

They didn’t get to run for office. Or marry and father children. They gave all that up to serve their country because it was worth saving.

To continue to elect unworthy persons to high office denigrates the sacrifices of those courageous men. To allow such people to slam America’s character in order to grab more power for themselves and treasure from those Americans who worked and honored the country is an infamy.

Allowing the nation to fail to live up to its ideals fails to thank them.

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