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Ouch. Bobby Jindal Calls One of His GOP Competitors “Unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief”


Talk about throwing a rhetorical grenade!

I know that we are in the midst of what will one day be remembered as a hard fought GOP Presidential nomination season… but you don’t really expect this kind of comment from the field at such an early point in the race.

On Wednesday Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) had some very harsh words for one of his competitors in the race for the White House. Speaking of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Jindal dropped one of the harshest pieces of commentary we’ve yet seen this election cycle.

On Tuesday Senator Paul mentioned that he believed Republican war-hawk policies had played an important role in the creation of ISIS.

“Right now there are 1,500 groups, many of them bad people, including ISIS, that hawks in our party have been arming. ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party, who gave arms indiscriminately, and most of those arms were snatched up by ISIS. They created these people. The same hawks in my party, they loved Hillary Clinton’s war in Libya. They just wanted more of it.”

This, of course, did not sit well with many in GOP circles who believe that Paul is attacking them simply to score a few political points. Governor Jindal came to their defense on Wednesday and said,

“This is a perfect example of why Senator Paul is unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief. We have men and women in the military who are in the field trying to fight ISIS right now, and Senator Paul is taking the weakest, most liberal Democrat position. It’s one thing for Senator Paul to take an outlandish position as a Senator at Washington cocktail parties, but being Commander-in-Chief is an entirely different job. We should all be clear that evil and Radical Islam are at fault for the rise of ISIS, and people like President Obama and Hillary Clinton exacerbate it.”

“American weakness, not American strength, emboldens our enemies. Senator Paul’s illogical argument clouds a situation that should provide pure moral clarity. Islam has a problem. ISIS is its current manifestation. And the next President’s job is to have the discipline and strength to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth. It has become impossible to imagine a President Paul defeating radical Islam and it’s time for the rest of us to say it.”

You can expect to see more of this debate as we get closer to the nomination, because Senator Paul is the only candidate with a distinctly different foreign policy mindset. Paul’s foreign policy views have already been attacked by Governor Chris Christie, Senator Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush and other important voices in the Republican Party and that criticism is not likely to stop… especially with Paul’s outspoken manner.

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