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Rainbows, Left-Handedness and Gay Rights

When 60 percent of the voting public in Ireland voted to redefine marriage, the gaysters screamed with wild euphoria. They were finally being recognized for their sexual proclivities.

Don’t think, however, that this vote stops them from snuffing out all opposition. They’ve only just begun. Any word of dissent will be smashed. It’s already happening. Anybody refusing to acknowledgement the moral legitimacy of same-sex sexuality will be crushed.

“A Northern Ireland bakery has been found guilty in a landmark ruling of discrimination for refusing to bake a cake with a pro-gay marriage theme.

“Ashers Baking Company received worldwide support from evangelical and born-again Christians over its refusal to make the cake for a local gay rights activist in the region.

“But a judge in Belfast high court on Tuesday ruled that the family-owned firm was guilty of discriminating against Gareth Lee on the grounds of sexual orientation.”

I predict that job applications will soon ask a person’s views on same-sex marriage. This will most likely take place in the government and will expand to include the educational establishment and courts. Anybody who refuses to answer or does not approve of same-sex sexuality will not be hired…
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Gary DeMar

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