Remembering the Beheading of James Foley



Even though it’s almost a year ago since James Foley was beheaded I keep coming back to Obama’s golf game right after he heard the bad news.


Shucks, I understand that the President has millions of people to worry about and that he can’t possibly become involved in the life and death of each one.


I also understand that sometimes we just don’t care about others’ lives.  I mean I’m no goody goody.  If a looter shoots someone in Baltimore I really don’t give much of a damn. I think the people there are thugs and self-destructive. If innocents get hurt sometimes, that’s life.  That’s death.


I’m not a liberal. I don’t pretend that I love and care about everyone who means nothing to me. I don’t aggrandize myself off others’ bereavement.


Obama loves to apologize.  He thinks crocodile tears exonerate him. He apologizes to Arabs for Americans’ existence and terrorists for our contingent killings.  He apologizes to people who use their children and wives as human shields.


obamagolfThen he says about his indifference to Foley, “I should’ve anticipated the optics (of golf).”  So he makes a mock apology when all he is really doing is making an excuse for the appearance of his horrible indifference to a beheading.


Obama’s use of “optics” implies that he is not interested in the cold deed of his indifference but merely cares about how it looks.  Don’t forget that Obama is all about appearance.  He ran for office as a rock star.  His star has been falling ever since.


And he doesn’t realize it.  He has the nerve to say that Americans should judge him on “whether his decisions were the best ones for the nation.”  He is not even aware that his decisions have wrecked our stature in the world.


The Obama Doctrine is to surrender for peace.  A strange position for the strongest military in the world.

Exceptionalism is bypassed for concessions.


He makes treaties to the other side’s advantage, he concedes on global crises and he prefers negotiations without military backup.  He frankly looks afraid.


james-foley-beheadedThe Middle East is burning, Israel is abandoned and scorned and terrorist countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea are not afraid of us.  This was Obama’s plan.  He doesn’t want anyone afraid of us.  He is a hippy who is afraid of power.  He doesn’t realize that Charles Manson sneaks in through the back door.


I suppose no one was afraid of Obama in high school.  Sand in his face.  Now the nerd is in power.  And he won’t even use America’s strength.


Foley’s head is lying somewhere in the sand.  He was not Ozymandias.  He is not king of kings. But somehow Obama could have had the respect for him to quit his golf game.  I mean, it’s not like he’s Tiger Woods.


Obama is like a drug addict in withdrawal.  He has pulled our troops from Iraq and prepared a deadly hypodermic of Isis.  We are addicted to Obama’s leadership of defeat.

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David Lawrence

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