Kristen Gillibrand’s Stupid, “Every Child Deserves A Family Act”

Kristen Gillibrand’s Stupid, “Every Child Deserves A Family Act”


Stupid is as stupid does.  And Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is stupid when she tries to enable the LGBT community to more easily adopt children. She wants to stop adoption agencies from discriminating against foster parents based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.


Sure. Why not let Bruce Jenner adopt a little boy and buy him some dresses?  He could offer him a pink discus.


I doubt that Gillibrand is a psychiatrist in addition to a simpleminded, liberal politician.  But what makes her think that adoption by people with unusual sexual drives is healthy, sound, and productive to the children? 


Gay adoption is so new that we have scant statistics on its possibly deleterious effects.  Imagine a child getting teased and bullied at school for having two mommies or daddies.  Is this what Gillibrand’s looking to promote?


 And what about the possibility that a gay parent is so far astray from his biological sex drive that he feels comfortable with the next step—pedophilia?


Homosexuality has been in the closet for so many years that we know little about it.  Why should we experiment with it with our children? 


I can understand gay adults wanting a child that they could never have on their own.  I can see how this would make them happy.  But the road blocks that they would be throwing in front of their adopted children would be enormous.


Gillibrand’s act of kindness to the gay community is an act of cruelty to their children.


If I were young with same sex parents I would feel like a freak.  I would be horrified.  It would make my family different from the other families at school and I would be embarrassed and ashamed.  Is this what Gillibrand wants?


Maybe Gillibrand cares more about the gay parents than their adoptive children.  After all the children can’t vote. 


Gillibrand is not only stupid, she is selfish.  If I had same sex parents I might consider suicide.  Does she want to kill the children to save the parents’ idiosyncratic sexual behavior? 


Since when did perversion take precedence over the traditional, forever, family structure?


Gillibrand wants to pass the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.” But perhaps no child deserves to be isolated with a same sex family.  Maybe we should pass a, “No Child should be Punished with Gay Parents Act.” 

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