Obamacare’s Fatal Flaw

CNN Money ran an interesting piece recently covering just a few of the people who would not be signing up for Obamacare in the coming months. The article’s author chose several people from a variety of places along life’s path, and each stand out for their own reasons. There is the older gentleman who won’t sign up for reasons of principle, there is the young family who won’t sign up because they just can’t afford it. But the one that exposes one of Obamacare’s fatal flaws is the person I want to focus in on.

“For some folks, health insurance just isn’t a good deal. Take Jessica Birge, 29, who is studying nursing and works as a medical assistant. Her job gives her $100 a month for medical expenses, though she does have dental and vision coverage through her employer. But she doesn’t have a lot of medical expenses since she rarely goes to the doctor, opting instead to go to a local clinic for her annual exams. Though she knows she needs insurance in case she gets into an accident, she doesn’t think Obamacare is very affordable. “I don’t really want to pay a penalty, but it’s more economical for me to pay $300 a year [in fines] than $200 to $300 a month for insurance I don’t use,” said Birge, acknowledging she may get insurance in several years, when the penalties get more onerous.”

Ms. Birge’s story points out the hole in the Obamacare scheme. For millions of Americans in their early 20s through their early 30s, there is no reason to pay for the health insurance Obamacare offers because they are just too healthy. For these folks, it would simply be easier and cheaper to pay the penalty and be done with the system for that tax year. Without these millions of workers paying into the insurance scheme, there will be no way for prices to be made affordable in the healthcare program.

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This hole in planning unmasks the Obamacare scheme as nothing more than a way to move forward the administrations European style socialist agenda. Without the money pouring in from millions of young American workers, the insurance will not make healthcare more affordable and millions of Americans will be without healthcare insurance. These were the two main reasons given by the Democrats for needing to pass Obamacare, and the system they created simply perpetuates the problem they sought to solve.

youngfolksThe only thing that Obamacare does now that is different from before? It makes the government play a major role in healthcare. Consider it – before Obamacare, healthcare prices were rising. Now – healthcare prices are still rising. Before Obamacare, millions of Americans were without health insurance. Now – millions of Americans will be without health insurance. Before Obamacare, people could move freely between health insurers, some using insurance provided by their employer others engaging the insurance companies directly. Now – the government will have a role to play in any insurance engagement.

The only thing that changes was that the government got involved. I would argue that this is not a change for the better. Getting the government involved will create a new, giant bureaucratic system that will be needed to engage both insurance companies and the regular citizen. More bureaucracy always means more government waste.

If you think that the designers of the Obamacare plan didn’t foresee the problems that would develop because of the plan, then you are fooling yourself. These problems were brought up by Republicans and normal thinking people, long before Obamacare was passed. The Democrats and the administration just swatted them aside and said they wouldn’t be problems at all. The real truth of the matter is that they didn’t care that Obamacare wasn’t really a solution to the healthcare problems we faced. That wasn’t the point. Obamacare was the Trojan horse sent into the walls of our country, not to improve healthcare, but to ensure centralization of power in Washington, D.C.

Obamacare was designed to make us (we, the people) weaker and the federal government stronger.

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