The Killer Conductor

Why does the killer always blame circumstances or the victims?  Brandon Bostian also blames the railroad for not implementing a cab signal system with speed enforcement. But it was Brandon who side railed the Amtrak train in Philadelphia. It was not the fault of the air we breathe or the devil or God.

I don’t know Bostian’s habits but he should have had a good night’s sleep before mounting his train.  He can’t blame that on the railroad line.  They didn’t tell him to stay up late. If he did?

Eight people are dead and hundreds are injured while Brandon speculates what could have been done to prevent the accident that he caused.

If we can’t take responsibility for our bad deeds, we can’t take credit for our good ones.  Bostian is a killer.  Maybe he didn’t mean to be.  Tell it to the dead and their grieving families.

And the other day Baltimore was burning?  Blame it on nineteenth century slavery. Blame it on the liberals who excuse everything and take responsibility for nothing.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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