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Even Democrats are Getting Tired of Hillary Clinton Not Answering Questions!


An interesting little drama played out on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was a guest on the show when she expressed her displeasure with Hillary Clinton’s decision not take a side on the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) that has split the Democrat Party in recent days. (The President has upset some of his allies with the way he has attacked their opposition to his trade deal, even inducing some of them to call him “sexist” for his attacks on Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).) Senator Feinstein just wishes that Clinton would come out and comment on TPP one way or the other…

George Stephanopoulos: Hillary Clinton has been criticized for dodging the debate on this issue [of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership]. Should she come out and declare where she stands?

Senator Dianne Feinstein: I think she should take a good look at it. And I think it would be very helpful. I think it has been typified by our party in a way which is most unfortunate, and that is, on the jobs issue.



 Feinstein must not realize that the Clintons don’t take a position on anything before knowing which position will be the most politically advantageous first! Once it becomes clear which will earn her the most political points … then Hillary will make her thoughts on TPP clear.

In fact, some observers think that Hillary is just “running scared” when it comes to the TPP. David Ignatius of the Washington Post was on CBS’ Face the Nation this past Sunday when he said this about Hillary’s reticence to speak on the TPP:

She is, as I wrote this week, playing a “rope-a-dope” campaign, remember Mohammad Ali the fighter, she is presumably hoping to let Republicans punch themselves out swinging and swinging and by the time you get to the real campaign, their arms will be tired. I’m not sure that is going to work. 

I find it genuinely troubling that on an issue where she was involved in the takeoff, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, she has been so silent, as if she is really running scared from the liberal wing of her own party and not putting her views out there.

I thought the president by contrast was really a strong voice for what he believes in, and for Clinton to be compelling she is going to have to have that same full-throated expression of what she thinks.


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