Honest Citizen Beats Tax Raising Government Pigs!

We Won!

I have spent a lot of time in the last few months fighting yet another tax levy.  If you recall, (please see my previously published works) my town suffers a barrage of new taxes each election cycle.

Last November, 5 levies were on our ballot and 4 of them passed.

This time, we had a special election for one issue – no candidates – just one issue:  another school levy.

They passed a huge one in the fall.  But, that wasn’t enough.  We had to have yet another levy that would add $400 per year in property taxes for each $100,000 in home value.

My daughter and I got out of bed every Saturday morning for the past month, drove to different neighborhoods all over town and passed out flyers.  If we saw someone, we would tell them what we were doing.  I left stacks of flyers in the library.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone that it was me!

Why was the flyer so effective?  It showed the salaries of the superintendent and the principals of the schools, who all make over $100,000, some well over that, and the grades that each school makes.


And, we won.  The levy failed.  Our overtaxed residents have seen a drop in property values, but an increase in property taxes.  We currently spend $23,000 per student and the school system is failing.

How much money do they need?  How much is enough?

The leader of our little band of misfits put together all of the information for our flyers.  Our black and white flyers that volunteers took door-to-door must have had an impact.

After we started passing them out, I got two separate mailings from the school system.  Each glossy, thick mailer talked about “lies” that were being spread.  That is what happens when you publicize the inflated salaries of failed bureaucrats.

They accuse you of lying.

We have reached a tipping point in our town.  There are wealthy elite liberals who really don’t care how high taxes get, they just want more money for schools.  The rest of us, independents, even liberals who are in the middle and low income brackets, can’t pay more taxes.

The idea that we are all a bunch of greedy people and we don’t pay enough in taxes just isn’t working anymore. The poor and middle income people are having to decide between eating and losing their homes.

Our school superintendent, who makes over $157,000 a year, promised to put the levy back on the ballot in November and promised cuts to school programs if it doesn’t pass.

I can think of something that we can cut.

Can you?

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