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Karl Rove Won’t Endorse Jeb Bush… Yet

The “architect” of President George W. Bush’s two campaigns for the White House isn’t ready to jump on the Jeb Bush bandwagon just yet. NBC’s Today show spoke with Karl Rove recently about the GOP campaign for the White House, and they wondered, given his close relationship with the Bush family, if Rove wasn’t predisposed to pull for Jeb’s candidacy.

“Well, no I’m not planning to endorse anybody. I’m watching. I want to win, and I have a long friendship with the family and a long friendship with Jeb, but I’m like a lot of people sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting. I want everybody to get in as a candidate and start showing us what they’ve got — how they show up on the campaign trail and how they show up in the debates, but we’re 9 months away from making my own decision.”

While Bush has made some mistakes already in this early campaign, Rove doesn’t seem to think that these missteps will cost him the nomination or the election.

“I went through two presidential campaigns where mistakes were made, and yet at the end of the day, the fellow who made the mistakes won,” he said.



Make no mistake, Rove’s endorsement is very important to Jeb Bush… and the other GOP candidates. Rove has become a symbol of sorts for the post GW Bush neocon wing of the party, and when he speaks, the establishment of the Party listens. Rove is still the leading thinker for the establishment, and he is now the driving force for fundraising and choosing what the establishment calls “electable” candidates across the country.

Rove has also become the main target for the vitriol of the conservative grassroots, as he seems hell bent on frustrating our efforts at every turn.

Bush is likely Rove’s preferred candidate, even if he won’t admit it just yet. But don’t be surprised if a few months from now, when the GOP field has winnowed down to just a handful of serious candidates, Rove makes his affections for Jeb Bush known.

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