GOP Cowards Wobble Before Obamacare Vote

I am getting tired of some of our GOP representatives. (To be clear, I have long since tired of every Democrat in office.) We have, in recent years, elected some wonderful conservative leaders to office who care more about our values, beliefs and standards than they do about being reelected, and these folks have worked hard to try to begin changing the way things are done in Washington. However, in some sections of the country, we are still seeing corrupt, life-long politicians reelected again and again. It is this “class” of career politico who continue to wreak havoc within our party and throughout our country. It’s not been the Democrats’ fault that we cannot get good conservative legislation off the ground; it has been the fault of the cowardly careerists who simply want to “go along to get along.”

Well, the principled conservatives have backed them into a corner now.

The House GOP has said that they will be voting on a continuing resolution to defund Obamacare while not shutting down the government. It is a middle-road approach that some conservatives hope will help them win more support in the House and Senate. They feel like offering a guarantee to not shut down the government will encourage the Republicans to stand united on defunding Obamacare, while also pulling some conservative Democrats into their number.

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There are some problems with the continuing resolution though, and some conservative members of Congress aren’t on board with it… yet. Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) puts the problems simply in a recent Facebook post. I can’t support the proposed continuing resolution, which funds government (at a rate billions of dollars *above* sequester levels) until December 15 (funding runs out right in time for Christmas!). Yes, it defunds #Obamacare, but the legislation also includes a #StealthDebtLimitHike; the proposal exempts interest from the debt limit, effectively raising the debt limit permanently. This problem can be fixed easily, and I am prepared to support the CR if changes are made to the debt limit language, despite the remaining problems.” These are valid concerns and issues that definitely need to be addressed.

Even with the new Continuing Resolution that ensures that the government will be funded, some Republicans can’t seem to muster up the intestinal fortitude to do their jobs, support their constituents and vote to defund Obamacare.

defundPACThe defund Obamacare movement isn’t perfect. Perfect would be a complete repeal of one of the least popular and most destructive pieces of legislation to ever come out of Washington, D.C. However, with Democrats controlling the Senate and President Obama ensconced in the White House – we just can’t do that, yet. However, defunding the law is a real possibility because the House controls the government’s purse. This is our best shot to destroy the leviathan that is Obamacare, or at the very least keep it on the sidelines until we can win back the Senate and elect a conservative President.

Call your representatives today, and demand that they support the move to defund Obamacare. If we all speak out, we can get this done!

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