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Latest Hillary Clinton Parody Video – “Back in the White House”!

The very funny Dan Joseph from MRC TV has put together the best new Hillary Clinton ad on the web.

He’s put together a parody video called “Back in the White House” and I am fairly certain that you are all going to love it.



Back in the White House

Hillary Clinton rolled out of bed to the news of another scandal

But she knows whatever she said or did will be easy enough to handle

If it’s against the law 
It’s no big deal at all
She’ll never take the fall
Those emails are gone.

And he media ignores any negative stories ’bout the Clintons and their foundation

And no matter what she hid it won’t stop her bid from grabbing that nomination

And she’s on her way
To an easy victory
No one in her way
It’s just her and her loving spouse
No chance for Bernie or Martin O’Malley 😪
It’s Gonna be Bill and Hillary back in the White House
Bill and Hillary back in the White House


Oh whoa

She’ll go to Chipotle in Iowa and give a speech in South Carolina
But the Democrats don’t care what she says 
They’ll vote for her cause she has a vagina.

And she’s on her way 
But it’s not to prison
She’ll pander to the gays
There’s no black guy to stop her now

Cause it’s her turn
She’ll be queen of the county
And it’ll be Bill and Hillary back in the White House
Endless scandal back in the white house. 
But Bill will sleep on the couch when she’s in the White House.

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