Communist America and Obama



Stalin, one, two, three you did your fair share of killing. Spread out the blood. You believe in the equality of death and suffering.

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Communist leaders have a totalitarian tradition. They are dictators whose vision is justice or injustice for all.

Party Chairmen don’t live in tenements.  They live in mansions.  They don’t even share their bathrooms with the piss poor.

In America a vote gathering, theatrical President rules over the brainless middle class pigs. The communist leaders feed the pigs corn. Governmental, elemental, the bureaucracy rules.  America has become Orwell’s Animal Farm. Napoleon is not the pig.  It’s Obama.

Obama is on the first step of the ladder to communism.  He rules with food stamps and failed health coverage.  The electorate thanks him for his failures.

The dead get their fair share of dirt. Progressivism is burying our country. And America, the land of real equality, wants to follow in the clown shoes of liberalism, of socialism, of communism.

Communism is logic.  Its failure is the illogic of its logic. The lie is in the results.

Obama says that “our individual salvation depends on collective salvation.” Maybe his salvation depends on collective support.  He lives like a king while the collective’s standard of living goes down in order to support his mistakes and mounting national debt.

obama and marxHis second election used the word “Forward.”  It is a word representing socialism, communism and the left wing.  It is Marxist. It connotes the march of history past capitalism. It doesn’t admit that the march forward is a step into worst misery than the past.

Obama smirks when you accuse him of communism.  It is the death grin of the rigor mortis of his killing the liberty of America.

Communism springs up everywhere but has never worked once. The morons praise it. The lazy who want handouts chase big government like Kim Kardashian’s butt.

They get nothing but Kanye West’s asinine comments.

The logic of communism’s intentions is the illogic of its results.  The poor it promises to help are made poorer.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Broken promises, broken trees, socialism is a climber falling through the leaves.  It is Obama dropping us to our knees.

Redistribution of wealth.  You’ve got to be kidding.  Obama tried redistribution of health and his failed program is killing.

The Veteran’s Hospitals make the one-legged veterans stand on line to see doctors. The eagle of America is dead.  Obama is shooting double bogies.

Obama thinks he will bring universal peace.  What about Foley’s family’s grief while James’s head roles in a sand dune and Obama lines up a putt.

Collectivism should be subject to rejectivism. So many dead.  So many utopian, brainless heads. Communists believe in economic equality while communist countries have more poor than drops in a shower.

Socialism is communism with the violence hidden.   Obama is pro socialist way back to Franklin Marshall and Cooper Union.  He is Putin without the courage.  He is Putin in a dress.

Marx wanted to frighten the ruling classes. But he left the poor on bread lines.  And the rich became dictators of the communist party.

Laborers do not become kings but labor and private property is abolished and replaced by private power for the leaders.

Communism redistributes the wealth to the few at a cost to the masses. It’s intention was to share.  Its pragmatic result is to rob the working classes.  When donkeys turn around you are confronted by asses.  Communism doesn’t and never has worked.

Remember the Ukrainian famine.  Six million died in the thirties and the communists called their experiment a utopian classless society.  Wow, what fun.  Tell peasants you’re helping them while you shoot them with starvation’s gun.

When the state controls the laborers roll into poverty and death.  With their last breaths they extol the utopian fallacy.

Brutal as apple strudel –sweet death.  The communists are the Nazis in leftist vests.

Communists saw capitalists as enemies of the state.  But the communist state is the enemy of opportunity and civilization.

Communism turns against itself like a pirouette.  In the ballet of death China has killed about sixty million of its own people and the Soviet Union murdered about forty million. The Nazis couldn’t compete.  They are empty boots without feet.

If it smells like death it is death.  Obama wants to spread his fair share of death even if he can’t smell his own ideational putrification.  He is a stupid man.  Bright between the details but failed in the broader perspective.

Communism has never worked.  Either has our vacationing president.

Obama has no perspective.  He putts with a TaylorMade one-wood.  He is a driver of grandiose fallacies, ruining a miniature golf course.

In Cuba, Cambodia, or North Korea, things remain brutal.  Yet they promise paradise.  Roll the dice.  Communism craps out every time.

Everyone works in a socialist system.  As Marx said, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”  But when the abilities are vitiated by lack of ambition and the needs are expanded by lack of goods, the collective takes a collective nose dive and central distribution fails.

When the profit motive dies,  the stagnation of the economy will arise.  The supplies dry up. A fair share of nothing is not a fair share.

Socialism or fascism don’t work. You have to be a jerk to think that Lenin or Hitler will give you your fair share of what is all there in their gigantic, dictatorial pockets.

Socialism is brotherhood.  But you have no family because the state becomes your parent and blood is not blood when politics is your sister.

You have to give up liberty to become part of a dominant, socialist society.  Obama sells you Affordable Health Care and you can no longer afford freedom.

Socialism has projects in place of the open freedom of liberty.

Religion is attacked because state rituals become God.  Kneel to Obama’s great big bureaucracy in the sky.

Socialists press the press like a tailor.  Obama doesn’t have to cuff his speech.  The mass media stitches his inseam so that his legs are tapered with propaganda and lies.

Socialism has a good, generous name.  Fascism is it’s undercurrent of shame.   But they are pretty much the same.

Obama is a socialist rock star. Big government liberal fascism is to blame.  Lies, lies, Obama has spoiled America’s apple pie.  Communism has taken every piece. We die like yesterday’s whales on the beach.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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