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Mohammed – to Draw or Not to Draw?

Earlier this week two Muslim terrorists (both from America) attacked a peaceful gathering of free speech activists who were holding a contest awarding a monetary prize for the “best” political cartoon depicting Mohammed. In Islam, depictions of Mohammed are generally verboten though some Islamic sects have no problem with drawings of Mohammed – as long as they are not being worshipped.

Throughout the history of Christianity similar debates have taken place, and while some Christian sects bar images of God (and other venerated figures), the ban is not enforced on those who don’t hold to those teachings. For example, while the Amish may ban such images, they don’t expect Greek Orthodox Christians to also ban them.

Such is not the case in Islam, where a non-Muslim could be rewarded with death for drawing a picture of Mohammed. Even if said picture looks nothing like him. Even if said picture is a potato with arms… it will no doubt drive some Muslim crazy with anger. Seriously.

Listen as South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone discuss wanting to include Mohammed in their TV show and having Comedy Central ban them from doing so. (Comedy Central who are so “brave” to attack Christianity and conservatives… but unwilling to take on Islam and liberals.)

(Warning: there is a bit of foul language used.)



In consideration of these things and of the culture of silence when it comes to Mohammed, some websites and newspapers have refused to show the winning cartoon from the free speech contest. Even some conservative sites have chosen to not show the cartoon… it is our feeling that not showing such an important news item is cowardly. All of this to say… here is the winning Mohammed cartoon from the recent free speech political carton contest.




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