The Dying of the Light in Baltimore


Obama’s flying to the left like a kite in a westward wind looking for excuses for the burning down of Baltimore.  Race is race but Obama turns it into motivation for looting.  He is rebooting the computer of race riots.  Watts, here we go again, just where we started from and then…. This?  A shame.  A lame attempt at false justice.

Here goes another Rodney King.  The riots take wing but stupidity can’t fly.  You can’t justify when you hurt your own kind.  It’s like a piece is missing from the looters’ minds. The puzzle is that they have minds at all.  Self-destruction is not intelligence.  There is no elegance in bruises.

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Maybe the protestors just had a bad day.  Or, hey, they took the gap between the rich and the poor personally.  Or they were tired of getting F’s on their report cards.  Or they were just plain mean,  raging against  the dying of the light in Baltimore.

Enough of excuses.  The animals didn’t know the meaning of truces.  To them it’s burn baby burn.  Not learn baby learn.

Failure is as failure does. The thugs celebrated mugging and hugging evil’s roster. Civilization has lost its luster.  Justification is a meagre attempt to ensconce evil. It is an excuse for itself that is not workable. Not all chaos is shirkable.

Dylan Thomas said “Do not go gentle into that good night….”  He wanted his dad to, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

BaltimoreBut he did not want him to burn down a city. He wanted him to rage for life, against the dying of the light, against the burning of a place like Baltimore.  Thomas was a force for life not a thug destroying his neighbors’ property or celebrating death.

Obama wants his flunkies to rage against the light, to blanket themselves in the violence of the night.

Obama forgets that he gave Baltimore 1.8 billion under the stimulus law. That’s far from poor. That’s enough to stop a riot. Peace—why not buy it?

Lack of money was not the cause. Money burns. Criminals yearn for violence not goodies. They hate because they have anger and jealousy in their souls. They are coals burning in little stoves of fury.

They are cruelty in a mask of fake justice.

Thugs want more but throw fire on the straw. The punks in the streets practice evil galore. We can’t help but abhor their behavior.

Good Americans should not look for reasons for Baltimore.  Guilt is misguidance.  We should wash our hands like Pontius Pilot of the guilt for the animals in Baltimore. They destroyed themselves.  Everything is not governmental.  The results of Baltimore were caused by savage souls.

Baltimore has no grievance. It is the essence of its own self-hatred. Freddie Gray is dead. He is buried in a ghostly spiritual failure of an angry city. I don’t care.  I don’t know him.  I wouldn’t care if he were Jewish.  Maybe bipolar.  That’s an illness I could relate to.  Color is as meaningless as it is politically useful.

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David Lawrence

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