Al Sharpton Agrees with Obama Calls for Unconstitutional Nationalized Police Force!

In what can only be seen as working towards a Communist-style revolution, Al Sharpton has affirmed his belief that Barack Obama should nationalize America’s police force. This is nothing more than an attempt to instigate and insurrection among freedom-loving Americans.

“We need the Justice Department to step in and takeover policing in this country,” Sharpton said. “In the Twentieth-Century, we had to fight states’ rights to get the right to vote. We gonna have to fight states’ rights in terms of closing down police cases.

“Police must be held accountable,” he said. “I don’t think all police is bad. I don’t even think most are bad, but most that are need to be held accountable.”

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Well, yeah. Those police officers that commit crime and are caught in corruption do need to be held accountable. Who doesn’t agree with that? But the federal government stepping in and taking over the nation’s police force? Now that is only asking for the corruption to grow whether the cops are good or bad at the moment.

Then there was this little nugget from Joy Reid:



Sadly, that is a sore misrepresentation. We don’t have a national crisis. Apparently, we have a provocateur crisis, of which Mr. Sharpton is a part. The solution for that is not a national takeover of police, but an indictment, arrest, trial and sentencing of such provocateurs. And there is not doubt in my mind that the mastermind behind this provocation is one Barack Hussein Obama.

In March of this year, Barack Obama said, “We have a great opportunity … to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations.”

national police force“We need to seize that opportunity … this is something that I’m going to stay very focused on in the months to come,” he added.

He made these comments, as he touted sharpton and obama hugWhile Dr. Drew does claim a conversion to Christianity, he says that Barack doesn’t have a conversion story from Marxism. “There is a story about how he stopped being a Marxist. If anything his career, life shows an alarming consistency in his ideological extremism.”

In fact, Drew went on to affirm that he carries that ideology today. When asked if he still sees that in Obama, Drew said, “Yes, especially when he talks about the people holding on to their guns and religion because of economic stress. That is a Marxist idea. Everything he says about it being a good idea to spread the wealth around; that is Marxist/Socialist concepts. Some of the statements Obama makes about things inevitably get better, I think that is a Marxist ideological remnant.”

Of course, he does. He has an Attorney General that has not followed the Constitution and deprived people of property, even when they were not guilty. He has sought to take over the American health care system and the insurance companies of the nation. He has violated the Constitution in terrorist trades, as well as appointees. Now he is making good on pushing forward for a domestic police force that will be as strong as the national military.

Obama and company are simply using the media, provocateurs and others in key position to bring about a Communist-style revolution here in America.

The sad part in all of this is that Congress has shown an incredible amount of impotence in doing something about his numerous crimes and the crimes of his administration. Now, the media songbirds will begin debating nationalizing of the police force, so-called conservatives will join in the debate and we’ll probably hear just a handful of people with a national platform say, “It’s unconstitutional.”


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Tim Brown

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