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Disgusting Old Liar Makes Earthquake Joke while Nepal still Suffers

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is a crass old man without a shred of dignity left to his political career. The closer he edges to the end of his run in Congress, the more it becomes clear that literally no one will miss him when he’s finally gone. But just when you think that “dingy” Harry can’t sick any lower than he already has… he does the unbelievable and sinks ever deeper.

The most recent reminder of just how distasteful and uncouth the senior Senator from Nevada can be came just Wednesday when he rose to criticize the new GOP budget. (Just a quick reminder – under Harry Reid’s leadership the Senate failed to pass a budget for almost 4 years! Something they are constitutionally bound to do every year. He may not like the GOP budget but at least they got one passed.) The fact that Reid was criticizing Republicans and the their budget wasn’t surprising, it’s what Harry does, criticize Republicans. The surprising part was the way in which he chose to do it, by making a terribly morbid connection between the GOP budget and the recent earthquake in Nepal – a disaster from which the people of Nepal are still recovering the bodies of their dead and still hoping to find survivors.



“The budget is just wrong. It’s also dishonest. It claims to be balanced, there’s no balance in this budget, that’s a word. The budget is no more balanced than the earthquakes they’ve had in Nepal. It claims to reach balance but the claim is laughable.”


Really, Senator Reid? “The earthquakes in Nepal”? You couldn’t come up with a better (and less disturbing) analogy than that?

The death toll in Nepal has risen above 5,500 deaths and it is still climbing. Perhaps you could avoid using the deaths of thousands to berate your political opponents until they’ve at least all been counted?

This latest incident, in and of itself, isn’t proof of Harry Reid’s callous indifference to the people around him, but it is just another in a long string of incidents that speak to a larger problem. The soon-to-be former Senator from Nevada cares nothing about the people he interacts with; his only concern is for winning. He wants to win, the costs be damned, and it’s the chief reason Washington, D.C. (and the USA) will be a better place the day Harry Reid walks away from Congress.

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