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GoFundMe Anti-Christian AND Anti-Constitution!

Please Consider Donating (or Becoming A Customer) to Save Liberty Guns!


Over the last week conservative Americans have begun to realize that the popular Internet donation site, GoFundMe, is anti-Christian. The website has shut down at least two Christian causes – Sweet Cakes by Melissa and Christian Florist Baronelle Stutzman – both of whom are under assault from the fascist gay lobby for their decision not to participate in gay wedding ceremonies. But now GoFundMe has moved against the Constitution and some friends of ours here at Eagle Rising.

A couple of weeks ago, our favorite little gun store – Liberty Guns in Acworth, Georgia – was robbed. A brazen thief broke into an adjoining store, then broke through three firewalls to steal more than $25,000 in merchandise from the store. Liberty Guns is a small (but wonderful) operation, and the theft has cost the business dearly.


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Please Consider Donating (or Becoming A Customer) to Save Liberty Guns!


LibertyGunsAfter the robbery, the store was hit with the bad news that their insurance company would not be covering the losses, making a bad situation even worse. So the folks at Liberty Guns launched a fundraising campaign through GoFundMe in an effort to save the store. Just a few days after launching their campaign, GoFundMe shut down the donation page because their website policy says:


NOT ALLOWED ON GOFUNDME: The purchase, transfer, or exchange of weapons of any kind including guns, knives, explosives and ammunition


The Liberty Guns fundraiser does none of this, but since the store sells firearms, ammunition and knives, GoFundMe has decided they don’t deserve the help recovering from the theft.

It’s amazing that this is something that we as Americans have to deal with. The 2nd Amendment codifies our inalienable right to self-defense and our nation has prospered peacefully and safely even as one of the freest gun-owning nations in the world. Today gun rights are at their peak in America (even though they are under constant assault), and there are more firearms and more legal firearm owners in our country than ever before. Yet violence (including gun violence) continues to drop.

GoFundMe has proven to no longer be a viable destination for conservatives as a place to raise funds on the internet. While the good people at Liberty Guns (and they are very good people) are calling on GoFundMe to restore their fundraiser, I’d like to do something different.

Please consider donating (or better yet becoming a customer) to save a great local small business from failure due to the criminal activity of one immoral thug.


Please Consider Donating (or Becoming A Customer) to Save Liberty Guns!


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