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Hillary Clinton has Only Answered 7 Questions from the Media since Announcing Her Candidacy


More than two weeks ago Hillary Clinton announced that she would be running for President as a candidate from the Democrat Party in 2016.

In all of that time Clinton has created a media circus pretty much everywhere that she has gone…



Just because the media has been following her doesn’t mean that she’s answered any of their questions. In fact, according to accounting done by the National Journal, Hillary Clinton has only answered seven questions from the media over the last two weeks! Seven!

Thankfully the National Journal has collected all seven of the questions she’s fielded and put them together in one place for us to see.


Question 1: “Secretary Clinton, your reaction please to these book allegations? Did foreign entities receive any special treatment for making any kind of donations to the foundation or your husband?”—ABC in Keene, New Hampshire, April 20

Clinton: “Well, we’re back into the political season, and therefore we will be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks. And I’m ready for that. I know that that comes unfortunately with the territory. It is, I think, worth noting that the Republicans seem to be talking only about me. I don’t know what they’d talk about if I weren’t in the race. But I am in the race, and hopefully we’ll get on to the issues, and I look forward to that.”


Question 2: “…Regarding the play for pay allegations in the latest book, emails back in 2012.”WMUR, a local ABC affiliate in New Hampshire
Clinton: “You know, those issues are, in my view, distractions from what this campaign should be about, what I’m going to make this campaign about, and I’ll let other people decide what they want to talk about. I’m going to talk about what’s happening in the lives of the people of New Hampshire and across America. Thank you, all.”


Question 3: WMUR also asked Clinton about her early preference for small-group meetings.
Clinton: WMUR reported that she responded: “I wasn’t aware of the depth of feeling people had about the substance abuse issues. So here again I heard it in New Hampshire. So I want people to know that I’m listening, and I’m accessible, and I’m running a campaign that is about now, that is about the needs of the people of New Hampshire. That’s the kind of campaign I want to run. And I’m excited to be back here.”


See the rest of the questions she’s answered at the National Journal.


If you’ve enjoyed the “transparency” of the Obama administration and the President’s reticence to answer questions from the media over the last few years, then you are going to love a potential Hillary Clinton presidency. Over the last few years the Democrat leadership has made an art out of evading and obfuscating media scrutiny. Hillary Clinton is now showing herself to be a master of avoiding having to answer any questions, and the media really doesn’t seem intent on forcing her to do so either.

We’ll keep watching to see if the media starts to press on the Clinton campaign in an effort to get Hillary to talk… but don’t hold your breath.


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