Liberal States Gunning for your Rights

The liberal media is acting as if the war over gun control is over and gun rights advocates have won. If true, it would be quite welcome news. None more liberal than Bill Maher himself, of the not so famous HBO series “Real Time”, has declared gun control “dead.” (A warning – the video has some language that is not suitable for everyone.)

Sadly, it’s not true, and we rights-loving Americans must remain more vigilant than ever – lest we lose our cherished liberties. The liberal states gunning for your rights are still going to continue to try and push the envelope on the 2nd Amendment… and they won’t be happy until there is a complete ban on firearms.

The recent legislation in Colorado proves that even the most purple of states is susceptible to the lunatic anti-gun fringe in the Democratic Party (who actually aren’t all that fringe). In a state with a rich gun culture and a long history of enjoying their freedom to carry firearms, a recently elected Democrat legislature passed the harshest, most Draconian gun laws the state has ever seen. The Democrat left cheered their victories — until gun rights activist in two districts represented by Democrat Senators rebelled and recalled their representatives. One can only hope that the electoral revolt in Colorado is a sign of things to come.

Unfortunately, I am not optimistic that our fellow citizens In Maryland and California will be as successful as the folks in Colorado, but I’m hoping they give it a try.

Gun-Friends-300x231In California, a state already with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, the legislature is seeking to pass a slate of laws that will continue to shred the 2nd Amendment rights of Californians. Over a dozen new restrictive gun bills could become law, including tighter ammunition controls as well as more laws governing “illegal” (in California) shotguns. Currently, “large capacity” magazines are illegal to be sold, but if one of the bills pass, they will also be illegal to own. Almost all “wannabe” gun permit carriers would also need to take a state-mandated gun safety course before being allowed to have a permit. California is working hard to be the most anti-freedom state in the country; their new attacks on gun rights proves the case.

In Maryland — another liberal bastion of rights abuses — the Maryland State Police, on direct orders from Governor Martin O’Malley, have been sharing the private information of gun owners. To legally purchase a firearm in the state of Maryland, a prospective buyer must fill out a form that asks for much of their personal information. The Maryland State Police recently announced that agencies across the government would be helping them process all of the applications for new firearm purchases. Why would the police need the extra manpower? The Governor’s recent attacks on gun rights have instigated a state-wide run on guns.

Gun-rights groups may be winning battles at the national level, but at the state level our rights are still very much under attack. It’s not time to rest on our laurels and pat ourselves on the back for our recent victories, it’s time to Rise Up and be vigilant about our rights. When we celebrate and let our guard down, we make ourselves most vulnerable.

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