My Disapproval of Same Sex Marriage has Nothing to Do with Religion



Religious people are against same sex marriage because they feel it’s not Biblical or Godly.

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My dislike of same sex marriage has nothing to do with God.  I simply find it comical, disgusting and antithetical to societal structure.

Truth will out.  This is the way I feel.  And most of my friends feel this way even though they  are afraid to admit it. It is disrespectful to gays to pretend that we are fans of gay marriage.

It’s not that I don’t like gays.  I do.  I just don’t like their gayness.  Their coming out of the closet may have firmed up their self-respect but it has alienated the normal people from accepting their perversions. Sickness is sickness, historically and presently.  It should not be flaunted.

Hey,  I can’t help it if I find a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman nauseating.  Do liberals feel that they can legislate against that and make me feel the way they feel even if it is anathema to me?

Liberals pretend that gay affection doesn’t make them uncomfortable.  Unfortunately,  they fool gays into thinking that their same sex affection is acceptable.  They ultimately hurt gays when gays realize that their homosexuality is noxious.  They are misleading, selfish and hurtful.

Why must gays always insist on our approval when approval is totally foreign to us?  The fact that we are nauseated by their sexual alignment does not mean that we dislike them or that we feel they should not have the liberty to do what they want to do.

gaycake2There is a problem with telling the truth about gays.  If we reject their proclivities, we are considered Neanderthal bigots. Our expressing our true, biologically indentured feelings is considered noxious. Gays and, particularly, liberals want to be lied to.  As Jack Nicholson says  in A Few Good Men,  “ You can’t handle the truth.”

If a gay is sickened by my heterosexual marriage or my attraction to women I don’t consider him a bigot who is prejudiced against me because of my heterosexuality. I expect him to be uncomfortable with my attraction to the other sex. He is built his way and I am built mine. Even if we accept each other we are not laudatory of each other.  The differences are real.  Reality involves a certain amount of instinctual repulsion.

Let it be, let it be.  Even if gays are attracted to each other it doesn’t mean that we should allow a comical thing like same sex marriage.  Marriage has thousands of years of tradition that must be honored.  Civilization depends on it.

Same sex adoption of children can lead to disaster.  There are no studies yet to see how fallible such a situation might be. Personally, if I had same sex parents and had to face the other normal children at school I might consider suicide.

Furthermore, if a man or a woman is so boldly contrarian as to dismiss boundaries and to be attracted to their same sex, then I might reasonably assume that they might consider pedophilia, bestiality or polygamy.

I don’t trust liberals acceptance of gay marriage.  They are more interested in feeling good about themselves than in accepting gays. They are phonies, accepted by the gays because it flatters them.

If most liberals saw two men kissing each other they would probably vomit. Their genetics would revolt against homosexuality.  It would be natural.  And they shouldn’t be ashamed of their disgust at homosexuality.  It is not their choice.  Like a gay is born gay a heterosexual is born with an aversion to homosexuality.

And I doubt that most gays are happy to see heterosexuals having sex.

We are what we are.  Acceptance of each other is enough. Only closed minded gays feel that everyone should applaud gayness.

Gays say as an argument for their gayness that black and white marriages used to be illegal but now they are accepted.  Society was prejudiced.  But now gays are the ones who are prejudiced and lambast heterosexuals who disapprove of them. Gays are the bigots of yesteryear. They are the ones who would have been against miscegenation.

When I asked a black friend of mine if he felt that gays are fighting the same battle against bigotry that blacks fought, he said,  “Don’t be ridiculous.” He didn’t want his greater battle to be identified with gay pride and sexuality. He was proud of the battle he fought for black human rights.  He didn’t want to be associated with romantic perversion.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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