Silly Liberals – Islam Has NOT Been Distorted

Islam Has Not Been Distorted


Ha, Ha. Obama says that Islam is a Great Religion

Thoughtful Obama is a wooden head.  He squeezes out a splinter-thought about Islam, “All of us recognize that this great religion, in the hands of a few extremists, has been distorted.”

Is he kidding, teasing or insulting us.  After all the suicide bombings, the honor killings and the mistreatment of women how could Obama tell such a fib?  Extremism is the basis of Islam, not the fringe.

Duh.  Obama must think that we’re really dumb to snort his exoneration of guilt and get high on his sniveling excuses for the most violent religion that has ever invented itself from the erection of a pedofile—Mohammed.

Aisha, ya little peach  ye.  You married Mohammed at six; at that  age you should have been playing pick-up sticks.

What does Obama mean by, “All of us recognize that this great religion….”? I got bad news for our big eared prairie brain, our ideological sandy plateau. Islam is not a great religion, unless decapitation for apostasy is great.

obama islamObama should speak for himself.   We do not recognize the greatness of a brutal religion that makes no separation between religion and politics.  We don’t kneel down on a prayer mat five times a day in worship of Sharia.

Come on Obama.  Look at your teleprompter.  Read your speechwriters’ lies–that you are not a sympathetic  Muslim.

And Obama, if Islam is such a great religion why has it produced one billion six hundred million dummies?  You are one of the few quasi-Muslims with a Nobel Prize.  And you are a truncated, ideological idiot. You stole the prize like you stole adolescent hearts.

Muslims are technologically ignorant and have built no great civilizations.  Their religion follows Sharia law and doesn’t recognize the difference between church and state. Liberals theoretically hate that.  But support theocracy in Islam.

Greatness is not cruelty and crucifying children, stoning wives.  Decapitating enemies is cruelty not greatness.

Obama, saying doesn’t make it so.  In your case, saying it is so makes it not so. Lies, lies, all the country cries.  Islam is not a great religion.  The greatness of Obama’s failure is paramount.

When Obama says that the great religion of Islam has been distorted “in the hands of a few extremists,” he has misperceived that the moderates have a responsibility to stop the extremists.  Extremists and moderates should be bundled into one package of guilt.

Obama is a cartoon puppet of a political leader.  He is Howdy Doody.  He is caught in his strings but he has his country all strung out with progressive detritus.

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