Let the in-fighting begin!

The gloves are off, the political fighting is underway!  Not between Republicans and Democrats, between Republicans and, well, other Republicans, of course!

How on earth a group of people who stand for liberty, freedom and an open market can somehow make their message sound like greed and envy, I will never understand.  Meanwhile, how liberals can make their evil, socialist agenda sound like “we love puppies, we love trees and we want everyone to be happy and get free stuff” I will never know.

And, it is working.  But, not without a big ole hand up from we conservatives, who are as bad to each other as we are to the opposing party!

Now, my stompy-footed conservative friends are ALREADY saying that they will sit at home and not vote if the candidate who receives the Republican nomination for president isn’t conservative enough.

Good one, guys, that will really show them.  You cross your arms over your chest, stick out that pouty lip, watch Jeopardy and remove yourself from the political process.  It is really working.

I mean, it worked really well last time, right?

2016I know that Mitt Romney wasn’t conservative enough.  But, if we had gotten out there and voted him in instead of the tyrannical dictator we have now, we WOULD NOT have:

-fast and furious and the murder of Brian Terry

-the IRS torturing conservatives

-the president saying that Trayvon Martin “could be my son” (really he looked nothing like Romney)

-Obamacare and the complete destruction of our healthcare system, the greatest in the world

-more taxes and regulations always presented as the only solution to everything

-race baiting class warfare

-the premature pull out in Iraq which helped facilitate the rise of ISIS


-Russian aggression, Syrian aggression, the collapse of Yemen

-the EPA’s full out assault on our coal, oil and gas industries

-the president marginalizing Christians at every possible prayer breakfast

-a president who hates Israel

-open borders

-there would have been no apology tour

-we would still have that nifty bust of Churchill

-we wouldn’t be emptying Gitmo

-we wouldn’t have traded 5 top Taliban commanders for one deserter

-Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty would be alive and the innocent maker of a You Tube video would be free

-Dinesh D’Souza wouldn’t be in a “community confinement center” right now

-the NSA would be spying on terrorists, not innocent Americans

-our military would not have been gutted while

-giving food stamps to able-bodied men

-we might even have the Keystone pipeline, billions of dollars in energy revenue and energy independence, whichever would take a huge chunk out of global terrorism


This is just a short list of all the things that we have gotten from the Obama presidency.  These are things that no sane person would ever dream of happening in America.  They would not have happened under a Republican president because a Republican president wouldn’t fundamentally hate America and want to tear it apart.  He or she might have policies that don’t work perfectly.  But, he or she wouldn’t intentionally force policies that destroy the free market, small businesses, energy and the middle class.

Obama has a fundamental ideology that America is bad.  He doesn’t just want to redistribute wealth from wealthy people to poor people, he wants to take wealth away from America and give it to other countries.  Obama’s race baiting class warfare has only made poor people poorer and is eradicating the middle class.

Another liberal candidate will be more of the same.

But, if our Republican nominee isn’t conservative enough for you, you stay in the Barcalounger, that will show them.

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