Will Obama Lead to our Last Laugh?

We elected Obama as a statesman and leader. We didn’t expect him to be a psychoanalyst and a mock  priest.  But he told Thomas Friedman on April 5th in the New York Times, “I think the biggest threats that they face may not be coming from Iran invading,” said Obama. “It’s going to be from dissatisfaction inside their own countries.”

So Iranian maniacs are the subconscious that drives themselves to decapitations and crucifixions.  Cruelty does not exist except as a form of introspection.

That’s right.  Atomic bombs won’t hurt us.  It’s our internal dissatisfaction that will blow us and the Arabs up.

Obama hinted back at that old shibboleth that the suicide bombers on 9-11 were disenfranchised rather than fanatically attached to a sick ideology.

He cited youths being unemployed and alienated.   He said there is “a belief that there are no legitimate political outlets for grievances.”  Oops, where did this simplicity come from?  That’s right, Obama was a community organizer, a sort of social worker.  He speaks psychobabble and social gargle.

I guess Obama’s never heard of goals like 72 virgins in heaven. Look in the head of every suicide bomber and there is a stripper dancing on a pole.

He worries namby pamby about “how can we strengthen the body politic in these countries, so that Sunni youth feel that they’ve got something other than [ISIS] to choose from?”

He rattles on like he is Sigmund Freud instead of Neville Chamberlain, “I think the biggest threats that they face may not be coming from Iran invading. It’s going to be from dissatisfaction inside their own countries. … That’s a tough conversation to have, but it’s one that we have to have.”

While you’re at it, Obama, why not prescribe the Muslims some Prozac so that they can get over their national depression.

And perhaps you should take an anti-psychotic so you realize that believing Iran’s lies will end in our own nuclear demise.

Obama told Thomas Friedman at the New York Times that the best hope for democratic change in Iran is through the accomplishment of a final nuclear deal.  That’s like giving Jeffry Daimler a new set of dentures to eat little boys.

He goes on to say that Iranians must learn to say, “We don’t need to view ourselves entirely through the lens of our war machine.”

That’s it.  Wave the magic wand and hope that Tinkerbell gives the Iranians a vision of peace. Maybe we should have fought WWII with dream analysis rather than bombs?

The Times published the headline, “Obama says the threat against Arabs comes from within not Iran.”

The Iranians must be chuckling in their tents.  Obama is a laugh.  I hope his incompetency doesn’t lead to our last laugh.

His laugh is a grin.  Sadly, rigor mortis is also a grin.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on Amazon.com. He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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