It’s Time for Boldness

Be bold.

After this latest attack on Christians by our president at the Easter prayer breakfast, I think that it is time for Christians to be bold.

Seriously, can someone stop inviting him to prayer breakfasts?  It really isn’t his thing.

I have a friend who loves sports.  She said that her family records a lot of games and watches them later.  She gets so nervous and upset that she runs upstairs, checks the score, and then knowing the results, can happily watch the rest of the game.

Isn’t that how we all are?  Have you ever flipped to the last page of a book, just to see how it all turns out and then happily read the book, knowing how it all ends?

BoldAs Christians, we know how it all ends.  We know that, in the end, we are going to spend eternity reunited with God.  Why do we let the little stuff get us down?  Why do we let evil run rampant while we stand idly by?  Isn’t it time to be more bold?  How can we continue to stand by while Christians are slaughtered all over the world?  How can we stand by while ISIS slices off heads and then our president likens this evil to the crusades?  How can we stand by while our president mocks and ridicules Christianity over and over again, all while letting terrorism gain a stronghold on the world stage?

We have nothing to fear.  We know how it ends.  It is time for us to be bold and stand up for what is right.

I recently heard Ann Coulter sum it all up this way, “Besides eternal life with your creator, the one thing every Christian should have is courage.  The most important thing in your life and eternity is already taken care of. Go out and fight.”

Christians, it is time that we stand up, be bold and fight.

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