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Be Optimistic – Popular Culture May Be Turning

The other day, my children told me about the latest episode of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.”  A new, evil pony takes away everyone’s individual talents (in the form of their cutie mark, a little symbol on each pony’s flank) and replaces it with this:


Only mildly interested, I asked, “So, what is the evil pony’s name, Obama-pony?”

Then, they made me watch it.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  The evil dictator tells the stars of the show that differences of opinion cause bitterness, fights and lead to a terrible life.

The evil pony has outlawed differences of opinion!  What, did she go to Harvard?  I couldn’t believe it, so I kept watching.

On a loud speaker, the communist, tyrannical pony announces her brain-washing, evil ideas:

*In sameness there is peace,

*Exceptionalism is a lie, (that one really caught my attention, sound familiar?)

*Choose equality as your special talent,

*To excel is to fail,

*Difference is frustration,

*Be your best by never being your best,

*Conformity will set you free,

*Except your limitations and happiness will follow


As I was watching this, I kept gasping – the show was outlining, in perfect detail, the message of Obama’s anti-exceptionalism, progressive, socialist, anti-American (or anti-Equestria) agenda.

The nice, smiling, brain-washed ponies have had their individuality taken from them and all “happily” share everything.  The baker bakes crappy cupcakes because exceptionalism is a lie and doing your best is wrong.  Everyone has the same stuff and no one is happy, despite their forced, fake smiles.

You may be surprised to know that this show is really popular.  My daughter is often stopped by strangers so that they can compliment her “My Little Pony” t-shirt.  Yes, the person is often snorting a little and pushing glasses up on his or her nose.

But, still.

This two part, season five special makes me think that people actually understand socialism. And, maybe, just maybe, people see that, despite fake smiles and false propaganda, communism is evil.  Individuality, exceptionalism and varied talents make us strong.  That is what the good ponies, who restored individualism and personal talents to all of the ponies, taught us.  They had a happy ending in Equestria.

If this is what is being taught on children’s television programming, maybe the tide of popular culture is turning in our favor.

Maybe.  Could we also have a restoration of differences, individualism and expectionalism in America?  Let’s hope.

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