Kent State VS. Al-Shabaab



I remember the Kent State Massacre.  Well, maybe not such a massacre.  Four students who were protesting against the Vietnam War were killed by the National Guard.

I didn’t know what to make of the killings.  These entitled students were protesting against soldiers who were risking their lives for us.  One of my friends in Nam was killed; the other had lost his leg.  I couldn’t very well support the spoiled  students at Kent State.

But the Kent State killings were a drop in the bucket next to Al-Shabaab’s attack  on University in Kenya killing 147 and injuring 79.

The students at Kent State were running wild, protesting the Vietnam War.  I remember them breaking windows and throwing garbage cans.

They displayed the violence of entitled college kids who thought they could get away with whatever they wanted.  Disrespecting the other young men who were fighting in Vietnam in their place.

Don’t think that I am taking credit for fighting in Vietnam.  I was out on a 4F medical discharge.  I was no better than the Kent State students except that I was ashamed of my defection rather than proud and boasting about my cowardice.

The innocent students at Garissa University College in Kenya were praying and minding their own business.  They did not solicit violence.  They were minding their own business.

al shabaabWe had a whole nation renting their garments and crying about Kent State.  Where are our Christians to cry about Kenya?

Killed Christians everywhere.  Do we have a President who cares?  Do we have a President?

The National Guard at Kent State did not kill on a prejudicial basis. But al-Shabaab murdered on a prejudicial basis.  They killed the Christians during their prayers. They let the Muslims go.

Now I’ve heard of separation of church and state but I’ve never heard of letting one religion go and killing the other.

I am an agnostic who loves the church.  It is the last bastion of civilization.  Like heterosexual love is the last remnant of normative sexual tradition.

Where is Obama to condemn these killings.  Would it matter if he did?  His words mean nothing.  They are all lies forced out of his grin by ideological gum disease.  I’ve never even heard him hint that Christians should be defended against Muslims.

Obama has just orchestrated  an Iranian negotiation that is sure to be put us into a pastry mushroom cloud. He and Kerry congratulate themselves on climbing the first step to our destruction. We will die.  For their principles which were lies.

Obama is an exaggerated version of Neville Chamberlin. Chamberlin did not seek out Hitler.  He responded to him.  Obama has rushed on his steed of surrender to eat oats with terrorist Iran.

Al-Shabaab has released a video threatening to  attack the USA and England.  Obama is readying his self-defense for our country.  He has opened dealings with totalitarian Cuba, he has negotiated a suicidal pact with Iran and now he has done what he does best—he has dug a hole and put his head in it ostrich-like.

He has laid an egg for our oblong failure.  Al-Shabaab will be attacking our shopping malls.  If we kill one or two, perhaps we can taxidermy them and put him in a Sharper Image window like Darth Vader.

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David Lawrence

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