Iran’s Nuclear Program and American Jewish Guilt



Netanyahu insists that  any final deal with Iran over its nuclear program  recognize the State of Israel.  This is non-negotiable.


Marie Harf rejects the suggestion, stating “this is an agreement that is only about the nuclear issue.”


So the State Department is ready to cut Israel loose.  Three years ago they threatened to attack Israel if it tried to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. If only Netanyahu had done this.  Obama probably wouldn’t have had the balls to attack Israel.  We wouldn’t be facing nuclear extinction.


Approximately seventy-five per cent of the Jews voted for Obama. Considering that he might be allowing Israel to be nuked,  that would be like concentration camp victims voting for Hitler on their route to the ovens.


I am embarrassed to be Jewish.  No matter what our intellectual and financial achievements, we are pragmatically stupid and self-destructive despite our academic achievements. 


And we are arrogant about it.  The Jews boast that they are Democrats and don’t admit that they have chosen a President who chooses to destroy us, the Chosen People.


I know now why Jews feel guilty.  Self-betrayal is a reason for self-hatred.

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David Lawrence

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