Don’t Mess with A Gun-Toting Mama

The economy is down and joblessness is up. These things usually mean that crime is also up. In a society such as the one we live in today, one can never be too careful when it comes to protecting themselves or their family. This is one reason Second Amendment activists are so passionate about our rights to carry firearms.

The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to act as a check to the growing power of the federal government. However, in a nation of free people, security cannot be guaranteed and so the ability to protect yourself from those who would do you harm is another important aspect of the Second Amendment.

Last week some young punks got a lesson in civics when they messed with the wrong woman. The experience should teach them that you don’t mess with a gun-toting mama.

Kari Bird is a mom who is going to law school while working a full-time job in an effort to give her kids a better future. Last week she was returning home from work late, around 11:30 pm, when she was accosted by four young men. In her estimation, these men were not much more than boys. One of them confronted her with his own gun demanding she turn over her car keys. She did what she was told. What happened next, however, flipped the script for both hoodlum and “victim.” Realizing she would lose her very expensive schoolbooks, Ms. Bird reached into her vehicle and took out her own gun.

As is usually the case, the thugs proved to be cowards. When met with resistance, they chose to flee rather than face down this gun-toting mama.

gun_womanThe cowardly criminal took one look at Ms. Bird’s gun, said, “Oh, s—!” and ran away.

In a civilized, yet free society we cannot expect the government to “protect” us from all harm. You can either choose all-encompassing government power (which could bring safety), or you can choose freedom from oppressive government oversight (which could bring risk). If you’d prefer freedom, then we cannot expect the police to be there every time we need them… which means that there are times when we need to be prepared to protect ourselves.

Congratulations, Kari Bird, on practicing your Second Amendment right to bear arms, and on making the criminals of Indianapolis just a bit more wary about committing crimes.

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