Government’s Gun Against Your Head – Property Tax

Taxation is a system of violence perpetrated on law abiding citizens. Nowhere is that more clear than in the example of the property tax. In many locales around the country property taxes are forced upon a peaceful populace as a way to pay for local government education. However, with more and more families today choosing to homeschool or privately educate their children, many citizens are being forced to pay for a product they neither want nor will ever use. Only in American education could this be considered an acceptable cost.

Recently, a perturbed father of homeschoolers in Pennsylvania earned his five minutes of fame when he chose to pay his property taxes in a…unique way.

This man was forced to pay over $7,000 in property taxes to make sure that the local form of government indoctrination could pay its own bills. He does not use the public education system in the district, and given a choice he would rather not pay for the service he is NOT getting. However, because the government holds a monopoly on power – he must pay the school tax (which is essentially what the property tax is) or face the possibility that the government could knock on his door and take his home. Seriously. You choose not to pay the property tax and the government may take your home, leaving you and your children homeless and out the thousands of dollars you’ve likely already spent on the house.

If you think that I may be employing a bit of melodrama to make the story more serious, think again.

Bennie Coleman paid cash for his duplex home in Washington, D.C. over twenty years ago. Now at age 76 and slowed down by dementia, the city has forcibly taken possession of his home because he didn’t pay a property tax bill of $134. Not $134,000… just $134. The city, through the corruption that runs rampant in many cities, has developed a system where the repossession of homes is a big moneymaker for out of state companies. It doesn’t just make money for these businesses either; it pours money into city and state coffers as well.

housemoneyThis is what develops when the government believes it is entitled to our private property. Whether it be our homes, our land, our personal belongings, or our money – the government is not entitled to a single dime. Before the founders wrote the first words of the Constitution, they engaged in Civil War with Britain partially over what we would consider a small amount of taxation. Then, in the Constitution itself, they made it abundantly clear that the government should have extremely limited power to tax the citizens.

We have lost our way on taxation, ladies and gentlemen. I am not arguing that taxation is wrong — there are certain duties the government must perform, and to do this they need money. However, the vast majority of money that the government takes in on a daily basis is as ill-gotten as the booty the pirates of old used to steal from helpless ocean travelers.

If it weren’t the government taking our money, we would all agree it was theft. Why does being the government give them the power to take from us? The answer is simple and terrifying…violence. Without the threat of violence against us or our families, the government would simply be a paper tiger. What does it say about our government that they must (and often do) resort to force to take our money? Can we truly be free in a nation that disregards private property so easily?


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