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Herman Cain Mocks Obama and Kerry

Herman Cain mocks Obama – often. This week he and his PR team add Secretary of State John Kerry to his list too. It’s attacks like this one that have kept Cain in the Republican spotlight since his ill-fated Presidential nomination run in 2012. CainSyriaConvoWhile his enemies were able to use trumped up charges to move him off the national stage, he hasn’t slowed down his assault on the stupidity of the left. This week he is sharing the top-secret Facebook conversation about Syria that was recently had by some of our nation’s most important voices.

Secretary of State John Kerry continues his rampage against honesty, as he touts our “allies” in the war against Syria. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t name any of those allies other than France… Kerry can’t either. The truth of the matter is that we don’t have any allies on our side wanting to intervene in Syria, but the White House has to act like it does so that the Democrat opposition to the war in Iraq doesn’t look like petty political gamesmanship.

Cain also uses his well-manicured snark to take a shot at the celebrity icons who don’t seem to have as much time to be anti-war as they used to. Apparently for many of these “principled anti-war” celebrities, war is only wrong when a Republican is Commander-in-Chief. There are still some protesters out there, but they can’t seem to muster up the same amount of support that they once did. Weird, huh?

The administration’s attempt to look tough on the foreign policy stage seems to be turning into a comedy of errors, and there is no way that this can end well. Instead, what has happened is that the President has destroyed what little credibility he had among his foreign peers, and he has sullied the name of our nation in an attempt to make himself look tough.

The worst part of American involvement in Syria is that it wasn’t a necessary measure. No, the President chose for himself which “fight” to pick and where to draw that ridiculous red line. President Obama’s Syria legacy will be a story of ridicule and embarrassment, all of his own making.

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