Marxists are Gaining in their Campaign to Destroy America

The Marxists at the University of CA, Irvine, students and 60 faculty, are stomping on the American flag – banning it from the offices of the student government, to make the point they are anti-American – as if anyone didn’t already know that. They were worried the illegals there would be offended by looking at the American flag as they are trying to take citizenship and it’s so hard.

These are people supported by American taxpayers, yet, it is clear they are arrogant ignorant foreign-thinking leaches …apparently they think the billions on which they feed fall from the clouds.

There is no point in contacting the college, to express a viewpoint…chancellor Gillman didn’t approve of the banning, but did nothing to punish the ungrateful wretches who defamed and defrauded Americans.

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Actually, there are no rational reasonable comments which could penetrate the granite heads which years of brainwashing by Marxist/leftist educational systems in the US have created….they have been rendered enemies of the USA…but greedy dependent enemies. Slurping up hundreds of billions to keep them fed then spewing hatred to the hand that feeds them.

They demand America be “inclusive”…why?

Offending criminals/illegals held more weight to the twits than offending tens of millions of Americans who support the colleges?

What is wrong with these people?

Who are these snarky twerps to dictate what Americans must do in their own country? What have they done for the country and its citizens? Nothing but suck up resources and then spit in the eye of their feeders.

Those that benefited from being included – legions of foreign students –  are sticking the knife in the backs of US citizens who financially support them…they are ungrateful, arrogant and have not been taught to appreciate either America or its generous citizens.

ALL COLLEGES MUST REQUIRE SENSITIVITY TRAINING…AMERICAN CIVICS/PATRIOTISM CLASSES…there are plenty of grievance classes…black studies, women’s studies, latino studies…everyone’s got a gripe and the college are happy to validate their complaints. But show respect for America? NEVER.

Americans are not going to put up with their disrespect and contempt…they should all get out of town and go find some other taxpayers to support them…Americans are fed up.

illegalThe Marxists run US universities, while the illegals are elbowing them aside to take their cut of Americans’ treasures.

Cal State Fullerton’s president, Mildred Garcia, brags how she’s turned the place into a haven for illegals. She opened an on-campus recruiting center for ILLEGALS…every illegal sitting in a college classroom is stealing that place from an American.

American taxpayers spent trillions to create the California school system, which once was the envy of the US.

Then 40 years of Mexican racketeering goes unchallenged, 30-40 million illegals in the US – most from Mexico – and they gobble up everything citizens created…with the help of the Democrats/Marxists…it’s all about getting their votes for the Marxists to keep a choke hold on the country…that’s what “fundamentally transforming the country” is all about.

Anaheim CA, city council has supported a tiny handful of Mexican illegals , the spokesperson speaks no English, but she demands to take over Palm Lane School, because it is a “failing school”  – the spineless GOP, the Lincoln Club and other twits are helping.

News Flash: Orange County schools were tops in the nation when English-speakers were in them…now there’s Mexican illegals who refuse to learn English or American culture…they want to take over the school!


American citizens in California are horrified to watch the sinking of American culture, liberty and rule of law.

The media functions as Democratic/Marxist propaganda machines…

Michael Brown attacks Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson and the media publishes lies..stupid people take up the “hands up don’t shoot” lie…and the corrupt media pushes that lying story. Just as they pushed the Obama/Clinton monumental lie about Benghazi being about a video. The Obama liars spread that preposterous tale for weeks…and Hillary Clinton got away with abandoning Americans to be murdered…and the survivors? None has ever been able to interview them!

The Clintons/Obamas learned their craft from Marxists in Hawaii and Chicago…how to become billionaires while wrecking beautiful America.

The US Department of Justice has moved to take over Ferguson, Mo. Though Officer Darren Wilson was fully exonerated…his career is dust.

Where does he go to get back his life?

Now the DOJ is usurping municipal authority in Ferguson……many office holders have been thrown out…chief of police, a judge, judicial clerk and others…where in the Constitution is that DOJ authority?

Where’s the objective proof of the DOJ’s accusation Ferguson is racist? Has there been due process? NO.

These are police state tactics…trampling on citizens rights, municipalities charters and individual office holders’ prerogatives to run their city as elected by citizens.

The faux charge of “racism” is the go-to tactic for these Marxists.

It’s all about pandering, for votes – to the favored “victims” – you know who they are.

Americans cannot look to the conservatives or the GOP to come to the rescue. They are impotent against the might of the rampant power-hungry corrupt current rulers.

But Americans in their goodness, believe in “right”…America is a great country, it saved the world twice in the last century. Those who defame America at UCI are dismissed by citizens as grubby, greedy ignorant dupes. Being used by Marxists in their campaigns.

Americans must fight.

Stop the media attacks on police departments through untrue stories.

Stop the rampant Marxism brainwashing in colleges.

Stop the criminals/illegals from stripping bare American culture and economy.


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