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Bill De Blasio and the Minimum Wage

While hobnobbing at the Pierre Hotel in March, Mayor de Blasio asked that businesses voluntarily hike the minimum wage to $13 an hour.


Stupid is as stupid asks.  If the minimum wages were raised that much it would come back to hit us in the ass.


We would all have to pay more for our goods and services. Inflation, thy name is the Democratic Party.


Democrats think short term.  The donkey whisks its tail at practical solutions and tosses out giveaways to sucker-in voters.


A union is a gathering of thugs to transfer funds to their interests.


De Blasio is a one man union.


He lives and stands tall above normal human beings and pretends he is looking out for their interests.  He is not a good person.  He is an imitation of a good person.


He is the pretend-generosity of a man who seeks election, re-election and then some.


He wants to throw paupers a $13 an hour bone.  It will help no one but his re-election.


Faux generosity is selfishness towards the upper middle class and kindness to himself in gathering votes in a basket of vanity.


When I was a millionaire I used to hang out with billionaires and I was poor compared to them.  I had a fraction of their worth.


Why doesn’t de Blasio complain about millionaires earning so little versus billionaires?  But then again there are too few votes in that arena.  And he is all about re-election and job continuity.  He is a greedy politician.  He is altruism’s opposite. He is Obama on stilts.


Unlike de Blasio I do not care if billionaire’s get richer or the poor stay poor. I am not jealous of the rich and the poor will and always have resolved their economic problems.  I do not want America to become charity city.


De Blasio, you don’t care either.  You just pretend.  You remind me of the Platters song, “Yes I’m the great pretender.”


At least I am honest.  De Blasio should try it some time. He shouldn’t pretend that he’s a bleeding heart when he bleeds money from our pockets, not his.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 200 blogs, 600 poems, a memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing,” several books of poems, including “Lane Changes.” Both can be purchased on He was a professional boxer and a CEO. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York.

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