Who is Pulling the Strings – Media Corruption Part 2

Why are Americans letting the obviously corrupt media get away reporting and publishing lies – like the Benghazi video cover-up, the IRS Lois Lerner cover-up, and more?

Many leftist media personalities have stated their infatuation with Barack Obama many times, insisting all opposition to his defective policies stems from the fact Obama is black…in fact he is not.

He is biracial – white mother, African father. The media insists on portraying Obama as urban, when in reality he had no typical urban black American upbringing. He was raised by white upper-middle class grandparents in Hawaii, where he went to the most exclusive private schools and was surrounded by communist family friends. His world view reflects that anti-American bias. He was the guy the “Chicago Machine” had been looking for the past 50 years. There was a problem – right “color” – wrong background. So his history was mostly vanished, associations with domestic terrorists, anti-American church personality, his college career writings and actions covered up.

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So where was the media during the vetting process?

As every student learns in journalism 101, reporters must be objective and honest  reporting what is happening, not what they want to happen. Or what the ruling government wants the story to be – whether true or not.

By any measure, most aspects of American life have suffered under the Obama administration. Race relations are bitter, police officers are being targeted and little done to correct the erroneous impression that police are against minorities. In fact, they save lives by their actions in very dangerous situations.

That truth is not reported…because the story the media wants told is minorities are bad treated. Illegals are in the same “victim class” of favorites. Nothing can be said about the bad actions of either without being shouted down as racist.

A well-known Spanish television personality stated publicly, the belief  journalism is best when the reporter clearly shows favoritism for illegals and their demands. Being an activist, not a professional fact-finder journalist, is most important.

This is demonstrated in endless articles in the media across the US, on the “plight” of criminals/illegals. The economic and cultural abuse of US citizens by Mexico’s decades of racketeering sending drugs, guns and poor people into the US, gets no ink at all. No media person has ever mentioned Mexico’s racketeering.

Anaheim, CA, city council has voted to allow a handful of illegals to take over A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN ASSET – A PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Does the media report the injustice of such action?

Instead the media praises the faux law called “parent-trigger” act, which will give a public school over to those with complaint and can show a petition of about 150 complainers signatures.

Does this sound like a good law…or another tactic of the leftists/marxists to further derail America?

Students in a California high school were threatened by Mexican students a couple of years ago.


They were wearing T-shirts with the American flag imprinted.

The impending violence was stopped by forcing the American students to remove the offending American flag t-shirts…not by calling the police to stop the Mexicans’ threatening violence. Parents of the American students sued but the court ruled in favor of the Mexicans.

Does the media report on the infiltration of leftist/marxists at every level of society?

Today, the University of California, Irvine, is disgracing the institution and the state. Student government leaders voted to ban the American flag from their offices. The stated reason was illegals who saw it might be offended as they are trying to get citizenship.

Does the media report these people are criminals/illegals?

Does it state they have broken US laws, gotten into the US illegally and are not demanding they be given, not only the free education they take, but the high privilege of US citizenship?

Nor does the media ever write on Mexico’s 40 years of racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns, poor people into the US for the purpose of subversion and profit. It gets back $30-50  BILLION yearly from the “poor people” who take American jobs, education, medical care – everything for free…pay no taxes, so their money goes back “home.”

Does the media expose this corruption?

This is a perversion of how the Founding Fathers envisioned the free press, protected in the US Constitution.

A dishonest media is detrimental to the nation and destructive to the rule of law and citizens.

The media’s job is to constrain government, not to help it oppress citizens by picking favorites in the “victim categories.”.

Intelligent consumers of news, know there are certain groups who are the anointed ones. They are the “designated victims,” of heartless Americans, they are not responsible for their actions.

Mexicans who break into the US to steal what taxpayers have created, do it, in Jeb Bush’s famous words, “for love.” FOR LOVE OF WHAT THEY STEAL FROM AMERICANS – EDUCATION, MEDICAL CARE, HOUSING…TRILLIONS STOLEN FROM CITIZENS.

Wall Street Journal writer, Bret Stephens, has written about media corruption and its damaging effect on the nation. One example given was individuals in Ferguson, Missouri, who felt intimidated and were fearful to tell  the truth about Michael Brown’s actions last August when he attacked police officer Darren Wilson.

Brown never had his hands up.

Officer Wilson shot Brown in self-defense.

But the media’s story was the opposite.

Darren Wilson’s career is dust.

The chief of police resignedon March 11, and a judge was removed.

The entire Ferguson police department and court system are now the bull’s eye for the Department of Justice. Without due process the entire Ferguson law enforcement and judicial have been declared racist and heads are rolling.

Did the media ask to see proof of this from anyone?

This is a very dangerous situation.

Exactly, how dangerous can only be known as the DOJ plays out its retributions.

One thing is clear – Americans have lost trust in government, because of the Obama administration.

The DOJ let the New Black Panther’s intimidation of white voters go with no action. The IRS got away with targeting conservative groups, hampering GOP support in the last election. The murder of four Americans, including US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, was covered up with concocted lies of a video which caused a “riot” in Benghazi…it was a terrorist attack.. and for two weeks the corrupt media reported the administration’s endless lies.

It was arranged for the producer of the video to be arrested, in the dead of night, on an unrelated charge, and sent to jail. Anyone ever see any media coverage of what has become of this unfortunate man?

False reporting, whether to let the fake video story go on or to further the impression of racism in Ferguson is damaging to the nation. Such irresponsible media coverage resulted in the metastasizing of the “…hands up, don’t shoot…” colossal lie which was turned into campaigns taken up by sports and government persons.

The fact that Chicago’s wild South Side of bloody black-on-black murders fails to engage the national media’s interest demonstrates that without the contrast, white on black,  apparently there’s no worthy news story. Blacks killing blacks is not the story the leftists/marxists want the media to tell. This suggests the media is not interested in important stories but mostly in stories that advance the leftists/Marxists agenda.

In a surprise move last week law enforcement in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas raided Chinese “tourism visa” scams which defrauded US citizens/taxpayers. Wealthy Chinese pregnant women falsified visa documents and financial information, to gain entrance to give birth in the US, to fraudulently take citizenship for the child as a “benefit.” One wealthy couple were reported to lie to Newport Beach Hoag Hospital to avoid paying a $28,000 bill. Though they went back home loaded with the spoils of Rodeo Drive shopping.

Who paid the bill?

You did. And other American taxpayers.



So how come the Chinese’s pilfering of US citizenship gets some media attention,  while the tens of millions of Mexicans who have broken into the US to take citizenship for their babies is not a media story worth the ink? Americans are terrorized by politicians and the media to believe the illegals and their children should be given precious taxpayer assets – just because they are here.

The misguided awarding of citizenship to illegals’ babies must be stopped.


The media is clearly toeing the Democratic/leftist/Marxist line.

Their goal is eternal power…strip citizens/taxpayers to give to others. That equals votes for them..

The Founders of America, along with American citizens, are weeping.

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