Remember the Rights of Memories Pizza

Gay marriage twists the natural intercourse of the opposite sexual poles into a pretzel of stale salt and an agnostic version of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You can’t get me on religion. I won’t admit to it. I am an agnostic like the liberals. I am not proud of it.  I just am it.  I can argue with agnosticism because I am agnosticism.  I understand it.  They have got to take me seriously because I am not God drenched.  I am alienated from the heavens like them. Heave ho and away their prejudices against my dislike of LBGT must go.

The owner of Memories Pizza is not anti-LGBT. He just doesn’t want to cater to their weddings. He doesn’t want to see a reversion to perversion, a sickness masquerading as healthy in a parade of freaks.

The sex drive is the most powerful drive in the world next to hunger and survival. The left thinks that by snapping their fingers they can twist it in the opposite direction.

The pizzeria has raised  $842,387 in donations from supporters. It’s for religious freedom. But I don’t care about the religious right choice to reject perversion; LGBT is not a Biblical cause; it is a failure of aesthetics and traditional norms; it is ugly and beneath the lunch counter like a booger.

When two coop apartments turned me down for being Jewish I didn’t march with stupid signs. I found a building that wanted me. Crystal O’Connor said, “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no.” She added,  “We are a Christian establishment.”

I’m no Christian but three cheers for Crystal. I particularly like Baccarat. I like my table set with distinction, not broken thoughts.

O’Connor says she doesn’t hate gays. “They are welcome in the store, anyone is welcome in the store, but it’s against our belief to condone, to cater to their wedding – we’re condoning that if we do that and that is against our religion,” she said Thursday.

“We show no hatred toward them,” she continued, but couldn’t put a “stamp of approval” on same-sex weddings.

There is a failed comedian in the wings. Al Franken says, “People are looking for legal means to deprive other people of societal rights. These proposed laws are tools of discrimination, plain and simple.”

I guess Franken was rejected by a lot of girls in high school. He thought that he was discriminated against because he was fat. He couldn’t face that fatness is its own rejection.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence had asked lawmakers to clarify language in the law as businesses and sports associations canceled conventions. Andrew Cuomo forbid New Yorkers to travel to Indiana.

He’s the same birdbrain who chirped that New York is no place for conservatives.

He looks like Frankenstein.  He pontificates while he steps on tradition with monster boots.

I like gays.  It’s their sex drive that annoys me.  It was fine when it was in the closet.  But when the gays insisted that we applaud their love making and their marriages they lost a lot of support. Why can’t they enjoy their own behavior?  Why do they have to force us to stick our faces in their habits like pushing a dog’s face in his accidental do-do.

Despite Sean Penn and Hollywood dummies, liberals are actually on the wrong side of history. No matter what lies liberals tell themselves, gay behavior is uncomfortable and awkward to them.

A long as Memories Pizza serves gays they are fine.  Asking them to perform gay weddings is asking them to be part of a ceremony that they have the right to reject.

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David Lawrence

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