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Who is Pulling the Strings? Media Corruption in our Modern Age



The media needs to stop distorting truth and remaking the news.

And go back to honestly reporting.

The Ferguson media campaign in support of complete lies that Michael Brown had his hands up is continuing.

Now the Department of Justice is targeting the entire Ferguson law enforcement and judicial systems and taking control over both.

Where in the Constitution is that authority stated?

The Democrats/leftists/Marxists’ agenda is reflected in the media by the selection of stories to cover and the words used to tell the story.

Michael Brown had just robbed a store, had drugs in his system and attacked police officer Darren Wilson. He tried to take Wilson’s weapon.

Instead of truth being told, the media reported endless lies.

Resulting in the fake “hands up, don’t shoot” demonstrations totally based in falsehoods.

A recent Wall Street Journal story, by Bret Stephens, stated some persons in Ferguson were afraid to tell the truth to the media. Believing the media has its agenda and anyone who strayed from that would be in trouble.

Have you noticed the media accounts are usually favorable to the “victims groups” – while ordinary American citizens are cast as the villains? Who has designated these groups status? Those who will benefit from their votes apparently.

The media’s role in creating news is becoming more and more suspect.

How come snarky student government leaders at University of California, Irvine, (UCI) CA, can ban the United States of America flag, as it might offend illegals, in a TAXPAYER-FUNDED SCHOOL, and they are still there?

Today a college staffer indicated no punishment was being planned.

When it was suggested the arrogant anti-American students were indoctrinated by faculty, that was turned aside.

Why is it that UCI offending tens of millions of American citizens doesn’t matter?

Are there American Civics Studies in universities to teach patriotism, good citizenship and respect for the nation?  According to the staffer there are none at UCI. But there are plenty of  “grievance” classes…black studies, women’s studies, latino studies, etc…but American Patriotism?

That’s something the predominantly leftist faculty wouldn’t understand.

Should American citizens monitor what is taught in all levels of education and demand American patriotism be a top priority?

America FallingSo the UCI students who banned the US flag are still there, the school has done nothing about their despicable act. Perhaps they should be expelled and deported, as they reject the ethos of American culture.

But no, the UCI students who banned the flag so illegals would not be offended are not going to be punished.

I think it’s clear who the “protected forever-victims” are?

Is there anything like free speech anymore?

Can Americans oppose the destruction of their country by Mexican racketeering sending millions of illegals to the US to be educated, medicated and accommodated at taxpayer expense.

Can Americans help maligned law enforcement departments across the country which are under siege by out-of-control populations fed lies by the media?

Apparently NOT.

Welcome to “1984” where Big Brother decides what thoughts and speech are allowed in “Brave New World.”

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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