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The Insurmountable Double Standard Conservatives Face

Honestly, what is the point?  How are we ever going to win when there is such an insurmountable double standard for conservatives and liberals?

Democrat politicians can just lie and lie.  All of the commentators (that I have heard) just get in line to defend the lies. Those exact same people would feel very differently if a Republican lied.  You know that is true, right?

Hillary illegally used a personal email account for ALL of her correspondence while Secretary of State.  Liberal commentators are knocking each other over to defend her.  If a Republican did what Hillary did, he or she would be out of a job, in disgrace.

What has me so fired up today is Harry Reid.  This toxic presence, who has essentially shut down Washington for the past 6 years, is unapologetic about his lies.  In 2012, on the senate floor, then majority leader Reid declared that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 12 years.  It wasn’t true, it never was true, and it still isn’t true.

Since Reid has announced his retirement, he did a softball interview with CNN.  Reid was asked if he had any regrets about telling that lie.

He snarkily replied, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Clinton ReidAnd liberal commentators are all filling up their dance cards to get a crack at defending him on national television.  If a Republican told a lie like that, he or she would be out of a job.

But, wait there is more.  It seems as though liberals can say anything, no matter how awful, if they are liberal.  They say terrible things about women, black people, and Jews, and they all get a free pass because they are liberal.  But, if a conservative said anything unkind about women, Jews or blacks, he or she would (you guessed it) lose his or her job.

I am referring to the South African comedian, Trevor Noah, who has been picked by Comedy Central to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.  I actually can’t post any of his comments, they are so awful, you are going to have to look them up.

Finally, in the ultimate show of liberal “tolerance,” anyone who isn’t for gay marriage will lose his or her job or will be threatened with violence until his or her business is closed.  The latest example is Christian pizzeria, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana.

When asked a hypothetical question, “would you ever cater a gay wedding?”  The owners answered truthfully, “no.”  Who has pizza at their wedding anyway?  No self-respecting couple that I know, gay or straight, would.

The backlash was so strong and swift that Memories has become just that, for the time being, a memory.

The intolerance, the lies and the bigotry of the left are truly astounding.


You know what?  I am not going to quit, I am just getting started.

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Julie Love is a former CPA who currently home-schools her two children. She earned her MS in Journalism from Ohio University in 2002. She was raised in rural Ohio and now lives in the big city of Cleveland.
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